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What’s up folks! I assume you’re here because you’ve downloaded (or are debating downloading) my Fallout PipBoy UCCW skin. That’s fantastic! Hopefully you picked up the Ultimate Edition, but everyone will get the best assistance I can provide :) This post is really to help everyone apply the skin correctly and provide assistance to everyone who just can’t seem to get it right, and this time... Wait for it.... THERE’S A VIDEO! Yeah! So many people requested one that I actually made one, and hopefully it’ll be a good guide to getting you all set up and ready to explore the wasteland.

So first thing’s first, you’re gonna need some stuff. This stuff to be exact:

Ultimate Custom Clock Widget -
My Fallout UCCW Skin - (Free Version) or (Ultra Cool Person $.99 Version)

And one of these:

Nova Launcher -
Apex Launcher -
Launcher Pro -

I will be using Nova Launcher in my tutorial and that is what I recommend you use.

Now I’ll just go ahead and explain here that the free version includes just the white PipBoy Skin. The paid version includes green (Fallout 3), amber (Fallout New Vegas), blue, and white. The reason that I choose white to be free is that it was the initial color that I built and released on It’s also my personal favorite, so no shame in not getting the Ultimate Edition. 

Now to the real deal: Using this bad boy.

Note: This is a pretty long process and for a new user I’d recommend being prepared to sit down for 15-20 minutes to get this right.

Video Tutorial: 

Video - Part One: Fallout PipBoy UCCW Tutorial
Video - Part Two: Fallout PipBoy UCCW Tutorial - Part 2!

Text Tutorial:

Step 1: Enable Untrusted Sources in the Security setting of your phone. It is required to ensure that you can install my skin. You may turn it off after the skin is installed.

Step 2: Download and install everything listed above. (Sometimes this is the hardest step if you have Sprint 3G)

Step 3: Go ahead and just take everything off your homescreen (including the dock). This makes it way easier to place the widgets and prevents hidden apps.

Step 4: Press Menu and go to Nova Settings and apply the following settings.
Under Desktop:

- Desktop Grid to 12 Rows by 7 Columns.
Width Margin to None.
Height Margin to None.
Persistent Search Bar to Never.
Uncheck Label Icons.
Check Resize all widgets.
In Advanced check both Widget Overlap and Overlap when placing.

Under Dock:

- Uncheck Enable Dock.

The following are optional.

Under Look and Feel:

-Uncheck Show Notification Bar. (This is truly preference. If you do decide to do this having Nova Prime and setting a gesture to control the Notification Bar is desirable)

Under Labs. (Accessible by pressing and holding the volume down key for 5 seconds)

Check Widget Image Cache.
Check Restart widgets on resume (Helps if your time isn’t updating on unlock)

Step 5: On your homescreen, press and hold anywhere and select Widgets from the popup. From here select “UCCW”, then select UCCW whatever x whatever. This next list will now provide you with the Fallout UCCW skins. (The people with the Ultimate Edition will have a considerable amount of widgets, unfortunately this is the way it has to be unless you install them via the .uzips in the Dev Pack. Then you can uninstall the app and work with just the .uzips you want. This is all because of UCCW not letting me let the end user change colors :( Sorry)

Step 6: Select the Fallout - Bottom widget. Drag it to the bottom and drag the corners to be 7 wide by 3 tall. It should fit neatly on the bottom.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 with the rest of your desired skins. How you lay them out is completely up to you, there is no right or wrong. I suggest waiting until you have placed all of your “inside” widgets before placing “Fallout - Main” as it covers the entire area and makes it difficult to add new apps by pressing and holding. If you place it last, just press and hold on it and select “Send to Back” so that all of the foreground widgets are usable.

Step 8: Apply a wallpaper. You’re free to use whatever wallpaper you want, but I’ve uploaded the default PipBoy wallpaper in all colors here:

Step 9: Finagling. There are a lot of settings that surround this setup. Here are some helpful UCCW settings.

In UCCW under Settings:

- Weather Provider to Yahoo.
- Location to Auto Location. (If you have problems with GPS location on your phone or own any phone in the HTC One line, you may need to manually set your location here. Also if you live in a place with a long name like Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand, you may want to select Show Short Form of Location.)
- Update Interval to 15 minutes. (Weather can be refreshed any time by pressing on “DATA” in the top left corner of your screen)
- If you live in ‘merca uncheck that nonsense Celsius/ kmph stuff. If you live anywhere else, leave it alone.
- Uncheck Degree Symbol.
- Force widget update. Turn this on if you’re getting problems with the time not refreshing quick enough. This does cause battery drain though!

Step 10: Enjoy! Everything is pretty much set up now and you’re free to go about your day killing people to pillage their body for their sweet threads. (Let it be known I accept no responsibility for lunatics killing people in the subway for their clothing) 

Now I’ll just address a few issues to ease the support emails. 

Can I get the .uzips for the skin?

Yep! Just email me with the color .uzip set you want and I'll send it your way. If you're requesting one from the Ultimate Edition, just make sure to include the name and email that you bought it with. My developer email is

Will you ever support a full icon pack? 

Chances are, no. I just don’t have the time or will to keep several thousand icons in four different colors up-to-date.

My time and weather isn’t updating! What do I do?! Your skin sucks!

First off, I’m sorry that my theme sucks. I probably could’ve put more effort into it, but this is truly just a free time thing for me. I’m sorry. Furthermore, there are many causes for this, but it’s most likely the phone doesn’t have enough memory to keep up, or the launcher is just being rowdy today. Under Advanced in Nova’s settings try turning on Aggressive Desktop. No, it doesn’t arm your phone with a tri-beam laser rifle and give it a poor disposition, it just makes the launcher a little more responsive. Also make sure you’ve turned the update interval in UCCW to 15 minutes.

Holy hell my phone is running this ancient version of Android, how did I get so far behind on technology?! This phone is only a year old!

I’m sorry. I truly am. It has to be this way, mainly because most launchers for phones require a higher version of android os, usually 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up. This means that if you have an older gen of android (probably 2.3 aka Gingerbread), getting this to work for you is highly unlikely. This is why I’ve restricted the Ultimate Edition to 4.0 and up. For consumer safety. I don’t want someone running a 2.3 system to buy it and realize “Oh crap, I can’t use it.” But the free edition is available for you to test. I’ve heard of one success story with Lightning Launcher, but I can’t confirm.

In the old reddit version and in one of the screenshots you have a text list with all of the apps in it, where did that go?

Is there going to be any place I can vocalize my concerns and suggest new things for this widget?

Yes! If you have an idea please email me, if I like it, I’ll put it in an update! Alternatively, post in any of the reddit posts below to help others out, or request help on yours. There are always people willing to help. Please accept that if I don’t answer your question immediately, it’s because I’m either sleeping or helping others. I love to help and will be doing my best.

This looks absolutely horrible on my Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and my seven other extremely large tablets. It also doesn’t work with my iPad. I want my money back. 

Alright, hold up. This theme has only been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 which has a 720 x 1280 resolution. Now this means that it will look good on pretty much every HTC phone, the entire Nexus line up to the original Nexus 7 (untested, but the 7 has the same resolution as my phone so I’m perceiving that it’ll look fine), most Samsung phones up to the S3 (if someone would download the free version on an S4 and tell me how it works I’d love that), most Motorola phones, most 7 inch tablets, etc. The point being that if your resolution is anywhere near 720 x 1280 you’re safe. All higher resolutions are untested and should be treated as unsupported. Also, bro do you even android? iPad? What?

Do you plan on doing something like this for iPhone?

I don’t own an iPhone and therefore have zero iPhone knowledge. I don’t even know where I’d begin to port this to iPhone. If you want to port this to iPhone somehow feel free to.

You do know that the in the game you have a “Red” option as well right? 

Yes I did know that. But I have never heard of or seen anyone actually use it and there are already a half million widgets in the ultimate edition. If there is any demand for red, it will go up asap.

Did you get copyright permission for the “Fallout” name?

Copyright? What is “copyright”? That being said, the Fallout trademark belongs its respective owner and I claim no ownership.

After all this, feel free to ask for help, send thanks, call me an asshole, or whatever here, on Reddit, on the Play Store, anywhere you want. If you really feel so strongly one way or another, mention me on Twitter,@turnerdavis, and I’m sure to see it then.




Useful links.

App list .uzips:
White .uzips:
White apk:
Fallout Assets:


Fallout UCCW (Free):
Fallout UCCW (Paid):
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Went for a walk earlier
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Ready for tomorrow! +Oakland Athletics #OpeningNight2013! LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!
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"Make your meat, look like meat!" Lmao this has gone too far....
A company made condoms that look — and taste — like bacon.
"A company whose tagline is 'everything should taste like bacon' tests that maxim with their latex condoms that have been coated in 'baconlube,' a water-based meat-flavored personal lubricant.

Condom wrappers are decorated in a ultra-realistic photo of bacon, and the condom itself is printed with bacon pattern."

I think the whole bacon craze has finally gone a bit too far.

More details:

Image via J & D's Foods.
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This DIY projector will take your phone, tablet, or laptop screen and throw it up on the wall for everyone to see! It's cheap, easy to make, and while it's not perfect, it gets the job done pretty nicely:
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#ifihadglass We’d show what it’s like for an outfielder to catch a baseball. What an interpreter sees during translations. What it’s like to board a team charter. The perspective when throwing a ceremonial first pitch. The experience inside and around a ballpark. What’s the view from inside a division championship?
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Yes, I know what you mean!
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Let's go Oakland! +Oakland Athletics 
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This is
I never realized it until now...
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Nearly 2 weeks without using Facebook.....I miss no one lol
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Same here,lol
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Best thing I have seen on the web today!!!  8bit Avengers!

#avengers   #8bit   #nintendo   #marvel   #mashup  
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