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Since I've been fiddling around with the various cameras all evening, I decided to go ahead and do a head-to-head with all of them that I've used on Illusion see what the community thinks about the results. I tried to be semi-scientific about it, so I kept the lighting conditions the same, same relative framing, and no flash, no firmware tweaks. If the camera had a low-light scene mode, I took an additional photo in that mode as well.

Here are the cameras I am used to test:

Google Camera - Freshest
Motorola Camera & Gallery
CyanogenMod Camera 2.0.004 & Gallery
Lenovo Super Camera (APK) & Gallery

My Verdict:

Auto Mode (Best to Worst):
1.) Motorola Camera
2.) Lenovo Camera
3.) CyanogenMod Camera
4.) Google Camera
* Pay attention to the purple noise in the darker parts

Night Mode (Best to Worst)
1.) Lenovo Camera
2.) Cyanogen Camera
* Notice the noise is gone for the most part with minor softening

Overall most usable options (Best to Worst):
1.) Lenovo Camera 4.1.250 - Most stable, best low-light w/Night Mode, lack of touch focusing is a shame.
2.) Motorola Camera - Best Auto mode, but lacks a Night Mode & shutter button, options wheel feels buggy to me.
3.) CyanogenMod Camera - Least stable, focus and saving bugs, Great Night mode. Would probably be in the #2 spot if not for a few glitches.
4.) Google Camera - Don't bother unless you have to. It's definitely serviceable, but not a good replacement for the stock LG cam.

What do you folks think?

Request: I love the Illusion launcher, the only thing that keeps me going back to Nova is the icon pack support and especially icon/label editing. Can we expect something similar somewhere down the road? Keep up the great work folks!

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This is an absolutely fantastic ROM. Great work folks! My D850 has never been snappier or happier. I grabbed the new CyanogenMod camera update that dropped yesterday and it's gallery app. Wow! the camera is feeling a lot more like stock. Kudos all around.
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