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A New Website!
Recently I decided to upgrade this blog - and re-name it.  Everyone can use a fresh start once in a while, right?  Now I have my own domain name - .  The name was chosen to reflect what I consider my genetic makeup.  As concluded by sci...

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Airbnb - I'm a fan.
I love
Airbnb! Many people
have likely heard of Airbnb by now and maybe 50% (I’m guessing) of you have
tried it, either as a Guest or as a Host. 
I am writing this for those who are curious and would like to know more
about it from a first-hand experience b...

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A series of articles for
This is the first in a series of articles I am writing for and posting as blog posts after they have been published. A trip on my own Sometime in March of this year, I began to think about
taking a trip somewhere in May.  It was a

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Software update for those interested
I received a nice compliment today from a couple here asking about Mike and the software company. They've met Mike and are from Nova Scotia - actually the woman went to the same High School as Mike but 10 years earlier.  She follows my blog too. They said M...

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My weird life....
I'm back in Maz.  It's Carnival - which means lots of ear-drum busting sound stages steps from my apartment, and huge disruptions of normality in getting around for a week.  Oh yes, and parades and fireworks and festivities and costumes.  I'm sure it's all ...

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My father, Tony Jessup
Last week was a difficult and stressful one.  My dad, sitting here with my mom a few years ago outside the nursing home where my mom was in full-time care for Alzheimer's, had reached a crisis point that we children had to respond to.  He lived by himself i...

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Adventures driving in Mexico with Big Red the Jeep
I recently drove, with my most excellent house/dog-sitters, Anne and Mike Howard of, who are globe-trotting travel bloggers of some renown, from Puerto Vallarta to Austin, Texas.  I needed to renew my permit for the Jeep for another six mo...

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A post for Blanche Clarke
We have been busy renovating our condo in Calgary this fall and I just wanted to write a short post with pictures for Blanche, Mike's mom, who turned 91 on Oct. 25.  She has a laptop and is trying to learn how to use it more, but one thing she can do is fin...

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The universe is shifting.
Before I jump into this post, I just want to note that the post "How to find a rental and live cheaply in Mexico" has surprised me by being the most read post - 10 times more popular than any other post. Obviously, I have struck a cord of interest and vario...

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More details and where I stayed in Calgary, Vancouver, Houston, and Durango.
I used Airbnb properties a lot on the May trip and only had one slightly bad experience - in Calgary.  I won't even post the link to that property because I can't recommend it. The owner seemed to think that an open cat litter box just inside the front door...
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