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This is not my actual profile!
This is not my actual profile!

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I know...I am the product. Facebook sniffed my use of those web sites. They are not even in my apps list!

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LOL. Reddit brought this to my attention. Should have stuck to Excel!

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Piss off your iPhone fan friends by rocking this ringtone:

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Feel UX: a new home screen design for Android. Looks extremely usable.

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"Developer rewrites Android AOS…" (
NO. He does not. Sloppy journalism is getting really old...

As you may imagine, over the years, ClicDev has seen its fair share of legitimate DMCA notices. But sometimes… sigh...

What would YOU have replied? Here is mine. Do not allow yourselves to be bullied by people who are more ignorant of the law than you are.

(note: for now, I am keeping the company's name redacted)

Dear Ben,

Site suspended. Note, however:

1) Thank you for bringing to our attention a web site that is a spam haven. I suspended it for this reason.

2) It was not suspended due to some links, though. To be clear, here is what seems to transpire:
2.1. You guys used a disreputable SEO partner
2.2. You got caught!
2.3. Your first reaction is to threaten me with potential DMCA use.
2.4. Which, on top of being uncivil, is hilarious, the DMCA having nothing to do with links, especially in users signatures

Equally hilarious was your threat to "[report] the links directly to Google."
Do I need to point out the irony in this statement or can you figure it out on your own, given enough time?

Kind regards,

On Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 6:38 AM, Modern Rugs Ltd wrote:

We recently sent you an email requesting the removal of a link you have to our website [redacted]
This is an urgent request as our website has been penalised by Google. After contacting Google they have advised us that we must remove all anchor text links to our website to recover. Many of these links were built by a dishonest SEO company who used spam link tactics without our knowledge and now will not help us remove them.
Please understand that we have to consider any anchor text links to be potential harmful and we must do everything we can to try and get them removed to recover from our penalty. If the links are not removed as soon as possible then we will have to take further action such as requesting a DMCA takedown notice or reporting the links directly to Google.
The links which we need removing appear on the following pages of your website:
If you could email back once the links have been removed it would be appreciated.
If our link has already been removed from your website and you have received this email in error please accept our apologies.
Kind Regards,

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Entertaining and ringing quite true. Must bemoan lack of C++ though.

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I don't usually encourage piracy, but when I do it's to counter a particularly scummy stupid idea.

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Anyone linked their Twitter account to Google+ in a meaningful way?
BTW, follow me there too, I promise not to tweet my check-ins or favorite TV shows...
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