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"Go hard or go home"
"Go hard or go home"

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End of year Black Belt grading. 5 new Sandans !!

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From our friend Jesse - good description of our uke

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For all the fellow riders in Brisbane have a read of the following article. Could save some cash,

Yesterday police in Brisbane were handing out fines to bikers lane filtering along roads that have roadworks. I would like to remind riders that there is NO LEGISLATION stating that it is illegal to lane filter along road works.

The following link is the QLD road rules legislation. The relevant sections are 151A and 151B:…/cur…/t/trantoprurr09.pdf

If the speed limit is reduced to below 90km/hr due to roadworks, then it is illegal to cross the solid edge line (i.e., use the emergency lane / shoulder) to filter. However there is no legislation that states filtering down the middle of traffic along roads that have roadworks is illegal.

The only section police might be able to fine you for is section "151A-3-d: it is not safe to lane filter", however this is very ambiguous. The MRAQ has released an article regarding this law, stating:

"The general rule for interpretation of any abridged wording is that it should be read as what any reasonable person understands is meant by the term or wording. This is how a judge would consider it if the question of clarification was asked.The answer that was offered from the QTMR when we sort definition was exactly that, “what a reasonable person understands as safe”.…/

I bet you not one biker fined yesterday for filtering down the middle along roadworks thought they were doing anything unsafe or illegal. I'd like to point out that I believe cops in general are pretty awesome, I've never had a bad experience with the police. However there will always be a minority giving the police a bad name, and unfortunately I see this as an example of enforcement of the law without understanding of its meaning or regard for its safety intention in the aims of raising revenue and meeting quota.

If you have been fined, the MRAQ article linked above describes the steps to take to try to have the fine overturned. I also advise that you always keep a copy of the legislation linked above on your phone in the event you need to refer to it.

Please share this post to get the message out to affected riders.

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Obviously this young lady is very flexible. But what I like about this mawashi geri and what I find the hardest to teach to beginners is the rotation of the post leg. She rotates for the kick very quickly, almost instantaneously with the kick but I notice she rotates back on the heal of the foot. A slight technicality but what do you think.... and how do you teach beginners this technique ??

Just a reminder that this is a Karate community. There will be other communities which will better suit the other MA styles. So for now please keep posts to Karate.

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Karate can be so serious ...... but sometimes we need to laugh. I know most of these people and they are all world class champions!!

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MMA boasts most styles of MA. I can see my training in what these Karate based fighters do.

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Thanks +Myriam Malengreau 
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