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Question for the community
With the advancement of the tools used to collate, analyse, data mine etc. data over the years, what do you think the world of data is going to look like in 10-20 years time? 
Will there be no need anymore for developers to prepare data, will the applications become intelligent enough they can do away with a lot of the roles required now? Will analysis be an out of the box solution that anyone can open and point at some databases/files and it will have enough sense to be able to determine what are the key attributes are and what the user would be interested in without being prompted etc?
Sensors are going to be in everything, how is that going to shape the progression of analytics? Will that push unstructured data solutions into being in the majority?
Will robots be doing it all until aliens take over?
Ive found most people dont look much further than the newest applications coming but I like to know what could be coming in the long term so Im interested to hear what others think and perhaps get some people thinking.

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Looking good

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Was it just me or did I just see the Swans players leaving the hotel with a Microwave?
I guess if its not bolted down its fair play.

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My walk into work this morning
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Mitchell Johnson just smashed a 6 and the commentary box window. Champ!

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I need one of these to record my "extreme" walks!
OR my drive to the train station because that is pretty extreme too!

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Some great stats in this one. Stats are always more interesting when you can relate to the topic, in this case a sport followed by many.
I would love to have a job playing with data like this.
What data would you most enjoy playing with?

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