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Thermal Imaging for Moisture & Restoriation

Thermal imaging is a huge part of our arsenal of tools used for home inspections. How does it help, you ask? Read all about it here!

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Over 2,000 Home Threatened in California Fire

Unfortunately, California's drought has made areas of the state susceptible to wildfires. Our hearts go out to those affected. 

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Genius Ways To Disaster Proof Your Home

Take these steps to ensure your home is protected from disasters

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Natural and man-made disasters may strike any time, without warning, and destroy your home without mercy. 2011 was the year the United States government set the historical record for disaster alerts, as reported by News Wire Publications, LLC. The publication further reported that each disaster was valued at approximately $12 billion in damage, meaning a total overall damage value for all the disasters in 2011 accounted for about $52 billion.

Disaster-proofing your home enables you to avoid the worst possible outcomes, such as fatalities and material losses. Preparing your home in advance to withstand the terrible effects disasters bring relieves you of procrastination, enabling you to efficiently take the necessary actions to ensure your home is ready to battle the impending doom. 

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Great post from +Creative Custom Building LLC !!
In honor of the first day of fall, we wanted to let you in on 5 ways to put fall leaves to work in your garden! #GardeningTips #FallIsHere

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Check This Out!

This school's gymnasium experienced a pretty bad under respitory fracture, leading to some pretty intense floor warping. 

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7 Unexpected Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Do NOT put off fixing a roof leak! You will end up with a ton of big issues on top of that.

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How can you add value to your home?

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Which drain-cleaning product do you recommend?

We agree with +Angie's List , and do not recommend using most common drain cleaners. We have encountered several clients who experienced water damage due to pipes corroded due to convention cleaners. Your best bet is to use a snake or call a plumbing professional.

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Rooms with water damage may be linked to skin problem in children

Rooms with excessive moisture or water damage can lead to increased cases of eczema in children. Making sure your rooms are dry and well ventilated will keep these issues at bay.

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