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This seven-day seminar will be conducted in the peaceful setting of a Mahayana Buddhist monastery in Ukiah, California. It is an introduction to early Buddhist literature written in Classical Chinese. Participants will read a selected work and related Chinese commentaries. Students will work with Buddhist monastics who are experienced translators.


The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra 

"Good and Wise Friends, do not listen to me explain emptiness, and then become attached to emptiness. Above all, do not cling to emptiness. If you meditate with a vacant mind, you will become fixated on a blank emptiness." - Master Huineng (638-713)

Here's a chance to receive Dharma from Reverend Heng Sure at home and ask questions! 

❏ Introducing: The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra.

❏ What: Live interactive online discussion series.

❏ Who: Led by Rev. Heng Sure.

❏ When: 
- California, USA: Fridays, 12:30-2:00 PM (PST, UTC-8); - London, UK: Fridays, 8:30-10:00 PM (CET, UTC); 
- Paris/Warsaw, EU: Fridays, 9:30-11:00 PM (CET, UTC+1); 
- Melbourne, Australia: Saturdays, 7:30-9:00 AM (AEDT, UTC+11); 
- Taiwan: Saturdays, 4:30-6:00 AM (CST, UTC+8).

[If your timezone is not listed above, you can check it here : ]

❏ Where: Online lecture via GoToMeeting

❏ Language: English only

❏ Register here:

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Remember to get 50%* off Highway Dharma Letters - offer ends 31 January 2015.

Hardcover offer price: $15.00 (regular price: $30)
eBook offer price: $9.99 (regular price: $20)
Available at

Here's a first hand peek into "Highway Dharma Letters" from an interview with Reverend Heng Sure:

" soon we approached the school, the bell rang at 3:50 pm. Suddenly we’re surrounded by all these kids and they’re going, “What the hell? What are you doing? This is so far out.”

...Bricks and concrete start being thrown at us from across the street and then these two really large black girls come and stand between us and the bricks and warn the others, “You all quit that! They aren’t doing no harm. You quit that or you’ll have to deal with us!”

So we’re going, “Phew.” We continue bowing down the hill and I don’t hear any sounds for a long while. I couldn’t get up and look around since we were bowing. But when we reach the curb, I stand up and straighten my robe and look behind me. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were 28 high school students in a line bowing behind us. They’re all going, “Haha, this is cool man. Try it! haha.” After about 30 minutes they’re like, “Ok monks that was cool and weird. You still going to be here tomorrow?”

- Excerpts from "A Conversation with Reverend Heng Sure: Cultivation and Practice" by Bela Shah, Audrey Lin, Sep 16, 2014 
-- See more at:

- Highway Dharma Letters was also reviewed by a local weekly Good Times here:

*Our sincere apologies for wrongly publishing the discount as 10% before; it should be 50%. Don't miss out!

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Thirty-five years ago today, two American Buddhist monks completed a two-and-a-half year bowing pilgrimage for world peace. They bowed along the California coast, from Los Angeles, following San Francisco, then along the Redwood Highway to Mendocino County.  

A collection of intimate letters to their teacher, chronicling their experiences, failures, and insights, is republished as 'Highway Dharma Letters'. This book gives a fascinating glimpse of their external journey and their internal journey towards transformation.

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"The knowledge and vision of the Buddha is just your own mind; there is no other Buddha." 

Such is the teaching of Master Huineng (638–713), the most important and most revered figure in the Chan (Zen) School of East Asian Buddhism. He is counted as the sixth generation of patriarchal succession from the first Chan patriarch Bodhidharma. Master Huineng's Platform Sutra is so highly regarded in Buddhist Asia that it is called a Sutra, a term otherwise reserved for texts spoken by the Buddha himself.

The essence of the Sixth Patriarch's philosophy is that all beings have the buddha-nature; all can become Buddha. Full awakening is not a future state or a distant place, but exists 'right within your own mind,' directly and immediately available. 

In presenting this entirely new English translation of The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra, the translators, Professors Heng Sure and Martin Verhoeven of Dharma Realm Buddhist University, have aimed above all to bring across into English Master Huineng's plain-spoken, forthright style. 

hardcover: $30.00 
eBook: $20.00

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Three Steps, One Bow: American Buddhist Monks' 1,100-mile Journey for World Peace 

- eBook is now available.

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The Buddhist Text Translation Society is pleased to announce that The Surangama Sutra: A New Translation eBook is now available for free to download. Since it was published in 2009, thousands of copies have been sold around the world, and it has become our most popular English title.

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What is true freedom? How can it be attained? This handy and approachable book answers just those questions. Readers are taken along on a journey of discovery through their own minds and their daily lives, as they are led to contemplate the web of their habitual tendencies, their desires, fears, and ego, as well as the relationship with their parents and the practice of true listening. 

Download it for FREE

*The author, Doug Powers, is a long-term disciple of the Chan Master Hsuan Hua but has also studied broadly in western psychology and philosophy. 

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New Year, New You: Start a healthy lifestyle - Meditate

Download this illustrated instructions to Meditation FREE.

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The Buddhist Text Translation Society presents 'Master Hua's Vision for Spreading the Buddha's Teachings'

Reverend Heng Sure and staff will report on BTTS's progress, news, and volunteer opportunities.
The event will be webcast live at 3:15PM PST on October 27 from the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas
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