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Thought leadership by Family Law in Partnership
We are delighted to announce that Mavis Maclean CBE of the University of Oxford will speak at the next in our series of thought leadership talks. Mavis will address the topic “Can one lawyer help both parties?” on Thursday 15th September 2016 from 6.30pm at The Union, Soho.
On 3rd November 2016 a panel of speakers will address the thorny issue of “Is Work Working for Families?” Our guest speakers for this talk include the parenting and child development guru Penelope Leach, Sarah Jackson OBE chief executive of Working Families, Annie O’Leary editor of Netmums and Sarah Pennells founder of SavvyWoman.
Attendance at the thought leadership talks is by invitation only. If you would like to attend the talks, please contact Rosie Doyle at Family Law in Partnership on T: 020 7420 5000 or

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Our Divorce Diaries website – – has received the most wonderful feedback. Take a look at our divorce diaries website and read the real life experiences and advice from those who have been through a divorce.

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Solicitors Journal Awards 2016: shortlisted. We are delighted to be shortlisted for Family Team of the Year in the forthcoming Solicitors Journal Awards 2016. This is the first year of The Solicitors Journal Awards which recognise brilliance in a changing legal world.

The second reading of the Bill on no-fault divorce will take place on 11th March 2016 (postponed from 22nd January). At Family Law in Partnership we’re looking forward to seeing progress in this area of family law.

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Check out our new blog on Child Support: Mind the Gap

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7 Steps to resolving children issues in divorce and separation

James Pirrie, partner with London divorce solicitors Family Law in Partnership presents a 7 step approach to dealing with children issues on divorce and separation.

In this latest episode of the Family Law in Partnership divorce podcast, James explains how the 7 steps enable families to avoid many of the pitfalls of conventional approaches to divorce, ensuring that the children’s best interests are kept in mind at all times.

The 7 steps are;

Family story
Issues and changes
You can listen to this podcast by clicking play below or choosing to download the file to your mobile phone or other device.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes by CLICKING HERE

If you have any questions about children in divorce or separation then contact us today on 020 7420 5000 or by emailing

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The Family Law in Partnership Divorce and Family Law Podcast
talks with Bradley Williams, partner with London divorce lawyers Family Law in Partnership about the decision in Prest v Petrodel.  He explores what it means for spouses who own or control a limited company and whether either spouse can make a claim against, or defend, assets belonging to such a company.

Be sure to subscribe to the Divorce and Family Law podcast for future episodes. We will let you have the iTunes details just as soon as they are available from Apple.

If you have any questions about this podcast or want to know what will happen with your divorce then please contact us now on 020 7420 5000 or by emailing

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Divorce Support; What is it and who needs it anyway?

The Family Law in Partnership Divorce and Family Law Podcast
talks with Charlotte Friedman about her work providing support for couples, families and individuals going through divorce and separation.

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In this episode of the Family Law in Partnership divorce podcast Neil Denny talks to Gillian Bishop, divorce lawyer and author of A Client’s Guide to Collaborative Divorce – Putting Your Family First.

We explore the following questions;

What is collaborative law?

How is collaborative law different from other ways of getting divorced?
What are the benefits for you in choosing to use the collaborative law process?

If you would like any information on collaborative law or other family law matters then you can contact us on 020 7420 5000 or email

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Prenuptial agreements? Do you need one and how do you get one?

In this episode of the Family Law in Partnership podcast, family lawyer Nicole Hackett discusses what prenuptial agreements are and how to go about getting one to protect yourself and your family.

If you have any questions about prenuptial agreements then contact Nicole directly on
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