USA Department of Interior moves 90 000 federal employees to Google Apps
To be honest, in my opinion, Google Apps' word processor doesn't compete with Microsoft Word in feature set on a stand alone basis. But cost, simplicity and awesome collaboration functionality must play a role in this kind of decision. Interestingly enough the contract was previously awarded to Microsoft, but a court forced a rethink of that decision after the Department conceded that the research it based its decision on was 'stale'.

I do hope that this and other contracts will force Google to put more effort into enriching the feature sets of the Google Apps bouquet. It offers a lot, but really needs some more work. For instance the ability to include page numbers in an auto-generated TOC (table of contents), host high definition videos (for training, etc.) in the video section, etc.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has lacked real competition for decades. That meant less innovation and high prices. The company has already shifted in the last couple of years in response to a rapidly changing landscape, especially in terms of SAAS and other cloud-based solutions. Hopefully it will increase its innovation and much reduce prices. Holding thumbs.

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