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Anyone going to be on IRC tonight?

I was hoping we could get one or two release events happening for the Oct 17th Saucy release.

Recently the loco-contacts list had a long thread about “Re-Energizing LoCo Teams” [1] and I thought that some Saucy/13.10 Release Events [2] could help with that effort and posted a couple suggestions on what I think could be done.  I would like to see a combination of presentations, and checking in with various LoCo’s via Google Hangouts.  
One thing I should point out is a bit of confusion about the channel. I have seen it posted in various places as (has a dot) and #ubuntu-us-va (all dashes) and the team naming standard,, says it is supposed to be ubuntu-us-va.

1. Jono’s start of the thread:
Aug thread index:
Sept thread index
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