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Now Rupert Murdoch runs National Geographic

National Geographic is handing over 73% ownership to Rupert Murdoch.  Murdoch already owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, which routinely spout nonsense about climate change.  How can we make sure this won't happen at National Geographic?

Some other publications appoint Public Editors who investigate complaints of editorial interference.

Please click the link and sign this petition asking National Geographic to get one too! 

I did.  It takes less than a minute.

Then: reshare this post!

To get a sense of the problem, here's some of what Fox News says about climate change:

Lie #1:   Global warming "doesn't exist"

In October 2009, Sean Hannity said on his Fox News program that former Vice President Al Gore "doesn't think there's room for debate on climate change. I do. The debate's over. There's no global warming."

In November 2010, Hannity said: "Today is the one-year anniversary of 'Climate-gate,' when we discovered that they artificially altered the science to hype global warming, which I say, and others, doesn't exist."

Lie #2:   "The Earth is actually cooling now"

On his Fox News show, Glenn Beck said "When we're talking about CO2, the idea is the more CO2, the warmer it gets. ... But, it's -- we're in a cooling period."

On Special Report, anchor Bret Baier reported that "Al Gore is comparing the fight against climate change to the struggle against Nazis in World War II." Baier added: "We've reported several scientists have detailed a recent global cooling trend."

Lie #3:   2009 was "the coldest year on record"

In 2009, Hannity said, "Here's what I don't understand. This is one of the coldest years on record, ladies and gentlemen. There is no -- I don't believe climate change is real. I think this is global warming hysteria and alarmism."

For more, including evidence that statements are false, see:

For more on the National Geographic purchase, see:
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