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Don't bother going if you have kids or are over the age of 25. I started going there because I needed a place where my kids could play while I worked out. I then found out that the kids club hours are only 9-12 and 4-8 and basically no weekends. I thought ok, not what I want but I can deal with it because this is the only place around. I explained that I wanted to try it out before I joined to make sure my kids like it. They agreed by made sure to pressure me into joining that day with specials that were for "one day only". Now I find out these so called specials are always in place. Anyway...not the thing that really bothers me. I was told...OH we are never busy.. The first night I got there at 5:30 I had to drive around for 5 min waiting for someone to leave a parking spot because there were none. The place is so crowded you can't really work out because you are always waiting for a machine or weights. Still..not the thing that really bothers me. One night I went to a class and left my kids in the kids area for one hour. When I came back the kids area was packed. There were probably 50+ kids there and three teenagers watching them. One was sitting at the desk texting. My son was crying and I could tell he had been crying for a long time. I went to walk to him and another child came behind him and hit him in head with a toy. One of the "babysitters" said oh, did she just hit him"? UH Yeah ..My older 5 year old daughter told me the kid had been hitting him for a while. Immediately I called the manager when I got home and he acted like it was no big deal. No I'm sorry..nothing. He just said oh that shouldn't happen. Oh really? So I trusted he would take care of it but I check on them every 10 min. We went back and things were ok till last night I went in and the same teenager that was sitting at the desk texting was the only one there texting again at the desk. There were about 20 kids in the room. I asked, "Are you the only one here"? She rolls her eyes and says "Uh Yeah". I said well they are not staying. I went to the front desk to ask if someone else would be there and was treated like I was a total B*tch for asking such a question. The gate that is on the door is broken and kids can open it. I feel like anyone could come in and just take my kids and they would never know. They make you pay first and last months dues when you join because they know you probably wont be back. This is not the place for families and it is run by a bunch of 20 somethings that are more interested in flirting than doing their job.
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