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How to turn your dead computer into a new one.
Why you should get a new computer when your logic board breaks. It turns a bad day into a good day. Yes your logic board broke and that sucks, but hey you get to get a new computer right away, hurray. If you just fix your logic board it is a sad day, you ha...

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I noticed tonight that my screen randomly gets darker, like energy saving mode on a laptop, is that an actual feature? or does my glasses have even more bugs, ugh

Problems with web browsing and 2 finger panning:
anyone else having this problem or know the fix (the glasses have the problem 1/3 of the time)?
when i go to a web page and want to use pan mode, it will show the frame and then dotted circle but will not zoom or move around with my head.

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Because you love my blog.

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1st post on Blogger, now i just need to change to directly point here.

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Is google+ becoming more like facebook, or is facebook becoming more like google+ ?

I'm on google+, oh and uploading more apps today

Hello Google+, can anyone here me.
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