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Week 26: Arty Pics of the Week from CameraIndie
The ones of you who remember the early days of HipHop may remember that when they started to scratch – seen in retrospect – it sounded like they overdid it. Overdoing happens often in the first steps of trying out new ways, one gets so exited about the new possibilities. This exitedment plus that the new ways has not found a certain form yet is often the reason why it feels so fresh..

Experiments like that, very fresh and maybe still not yet perfected are what we´re looking for when we select arty pics of the week. In other words we´re not necessarily looking for the pics that in the world of acclaimed fine art would be called the best, but pics showing tendencies in the world of digital photography of today – or maybe we just wanna give a new photographer on G+ a chance to be seen.

*The selected pics are created on a desktop, smartphone and/or tablet and they are listed in no particular order. Please open the links in another window or tab so you go directly to the image:

+Adolfo Cardeñosa

+Ibrar Yunus

+Astrid Bartels

+Charles Winin

+linda stokes

+Shawna Mac

+Vincenzo Bonelli

+Barbara Mi

+Benjamin Kappel Schmidt

+Daniele Brands

Looking forward to see your contributions in the event of this week – week 27 – from CameraIndie:

Please help others find this by sharing the post, TIA :)

Happy creating
+Alexius Jørgensen 
Sharing Arty Visions All Week created on a Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet
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thx +mady sach and have a lovely day :)
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Arty Visions created on a Desktop, Smartphone and/or Tablet!
Each week you´ll be invited to a new all week event named by the number of the week – each monday we showcase selected arty pics from the past week. 

Instant sharing with CameraIndie
On the event page click the camera in the ´Say something´ box to add your pic. Write title and description in the caption box and write #CameraIndie in the comment box, so it can also be found in the public stream. We encourage you to tag your photo CameraIndie, so that it automatically shows up in the photo album of +CameraIndie. Plz no more than two pic a day and no albums. 

Kind regards +Gela Schmidt+Marcel André Levasseur+Pascale G+Richard Mabb and +Alexius Jørgensen 
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very thanks for yours +1 to
+Fred Kost
+takafusa tanaka
+Katy Hinchliffe
+Diana Boyd
+Gela Schmidt
+Marcel André Levasseur
+Rhonda Flanagan
+Sonja Samuda
+Agustin Camara
and all participants... 
see you soon...
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Thanks for stopping by!

Click About and learn more about CameraIndie.

Click Photos and see CameraIndie Photo Album, where each photo was shared by one of the members.

Click Follow and join a community of like-minded people who are part of digital revolution. You´ll see the work of other artists, share great ideas, receive updates and make some cool connections!

Happy creating
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CameraIndie ~ Arty Visions of Today shot with any digital camera & enhanced on a digital device. New all week event starting each monday!

To add an image: 1) Add your image to your own post stream – not to one of your photo albums. Write hashtags etc in the Share what´s new box as you´d normally do, also write title and description in the caption box. 2) On this event page click Photo icon in the Say something box. Choose Your photos, go to Photos from posts and add the image by clicking Add photo – don´t click Add Album. Comments etc will follow the image. Plz add max two pic a day. NEW: We do not support tagging of images anymore. _This worked until July 7, but not anymore, G+ sucks!!!

Selected pics from the event of the past week. Selection from week 26

Kind regards +Marcel André Levasseur +PasKale Monnom +Richard Mabb +Alexius Jørgensen 
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¡¡¡ G+ SUCKS !!!
After much trial and error I finally found a way to add an image in a way, so that comments/plusses followed the image and it worked yesterday – but not today ... I even tried with exactly the same image where it worked yesterday ... I must conclude G+ sucks and it really sucks, in fact there are not many features on G+ that actually works as supposed to, you always have to find a work around – and if it wasn´t for the great people her, i would have left long time ago – alexius
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This pic contributed to +CameraIndie  by +Astrid Bartels  is amongst the selected +Arty Pics of the Week  Four different arty themes (see the About page of +Arty Pics of the Week ) select each a new pic a day. We´re not looking for images in the acclaimed fine art category  – there are other great themes for that – but images representing the digital revolution of photography. This work is absolutely breath taking!!!   The vibrant colors contribute to the fluid movement and overall abstract composition.   The yellow/red/green blending has been processed with such creativity... A very fine piece indeed!   +Richard Mabb 
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Arty Visions of Today shot with any camera & enhanced on a digital device

¡¡¡ Welcome to CameraIndie™ !!!
managed by Alexius Jørgensen with the help of Marcel André LevasseurPasKale Monnom & Richard Mabb

Photography has not always been accepted as art. In the beginning the photographers attempted to imitate painting styles – using soft lenses etc to make it look more like what was accepted as art of that time.

Same thing is happening today. Most artists using digital cameras are trying to make their images look like images from analog cameras. But there are some – mostly young – who are not trying to replicate the concepts from the acclaimed world of fine art.

What is art?
We’re all born with each our own unique way of doing things. It´s like there´s a inner voice telling us what to do. To dare listen and act from that voice is how your art is created – and this art is not something we have to agree upon as being good or bad cause your inner voice is just as good as mine!

Purple Haze
The art of today is normally not accepted by the people with the ´right´ opinions. When Jimi Hendrix started to explore the electric guitar the reaction from the establishment was, that this cannot be considered music cause a guitar is not meant to be electrified. Now Jimi Hendrix and his music like Purple Haze are considered legendary.

Join the Revolution!
CameraIndie™ is for all you Jimi Hendrix´s of today using the camera you prefer and the digital platform or cross platform you like. Don´t be shy. Share your electrified art with CameraIndie™, where your ideas may lead to even more unexpected possibilities or some new cool connections.

To see contributions from CameraIndie™ Events
Week 26 ~ Week 27

To see Arty Pics of the Week from CameraIndie™
Week 26 

How to share with CameraIndie™ during our Summer Holiday:
From July 9 and a month ahead we´re on holiday, so plz just use the hashtag #CameraIndie for your arty visions – but don´t expect us to comment on each post as we normally do. Enjoy :)

Happy creating


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