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Is Facebook burnout finally igniting?

A blog I just read got me thinking about the future of Facebook and how the sentiment of its user base is slowly but surely shifting. I lost interest in Facebook long ago: From the filtered flood of dull content to the dated, crappy interface and godawful mobile apps -- not to mention the absurd privacy games the company's constantly playing -- there's just not much that entices me to spend a whole lot of time there anymore. Google+ and Twitter provide far more pleasant, interesting, and engaging experiences.

It's taken a while, but it seems like more and more people are finally starting to share that view. The Onion recently published a satirical story entitled "Number of Users Who Actually Enjoy Facebook Down to 4" ( Ironically enough, I saw that story shared quite a bit on Facebook. I'm not sure it's that far off from reality.

In a moment of frustration back in June, I posted that it was "time to tell FB to F off" ( I wrote:

Using Facebook is becoming more and more of a chore, and it almost feels like the company is trying to make it worse at this point. Honestly, I'm not sure I know anyone who actually loves using Facebook; most people admit that it sucks but say that's where their friends are so they deal with it.

I likened the situation to the mass MySpace exodus that happened about a decade ago:

Back in the early 2000s, the world somehow collectively agreed to switch from MySpace to Facebook. MySpace was the dominant destination, sure -- but it sucked, and Facebook was better. The only reason to stay at MySpace was because everyone else was at MySpace, and after a while, that reason wasn't enough.

The world has changed again. The question now is what it'll take for people to overcome their inertia and say so-long to a subpar service that feels increasingly stale.

So are we finally nearing the tipping point? Some good food for thought.

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