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Hey, I'm planning on writing a fantasy book series. This is my prologue. Please give me advice.

Hello, my name is Axtolen but my friends call me Axtol. I’m a jack of all trades, skilled in all be it sorcery, fighting, or rogue hunting. My friends have been looking for me for years now. Ever since the warning of a grand darkness... But still, let me go back to the beginning. After all, who would start the tale at the end though, right?

It was back in the time when there was turmoil in our secluded valley. Our village was usually barely holding on because of the constant food shortages. But once the greater nations or sclendrana had started their peace treaties 50 years back, then the small group of men who were skilled with a pickaxe started to work on the underground caverns rich with gold, silver, iron, diamonds, and titaniumond, a rare ore that that is the strongest material we could access. It could only be forged with the use of magic. Nine years ago, the pickmen(a popular nickname for the men with the pickaxes) had to stop mining again because the sclendrana had apparently stopped the peace and went back to war, this time with minor earthquakes at their disposal. Luckily, the mountains surrounding our valley absorbed some of the shockwaves. If only they knew how many of us, the kroten, they had killed. When the first earthquake struck more than half of our miners were caved under, most of them orphans, squished by the debris. The lucky ones got to a safe room, that was made in case of cave-ins similar to these. One hour later, an engineer was able to dig through all the rocks to the shelter and help the others get back. The engineer came back with some men that didn’t have any living family members. I remember one man in the bunch was looking sick. I was the best healer in the village so he came to my workroom. When I examined him, I saw that he had contracted the dranapox that could only be cured by a flower called the Magintoc, (and a remedy that our mage had recently made on accident). The closest location in which it grew was on top of Mt. Curson, a mountain that some say, was impossible to survive. Sure, some people were able to survive the climb, retrieval, and return trips, but when they would get back, they would be bedridden for days. Also, they would end up losing the Magintoc during the return trip, making the journey pointless. If they survived, then they would be disabled for the rest of their lives. The Magintoc was also useful for spells, elixirs, and crafting.

There were three 12-year olds in my workroom. They were Sterling, a very skilled hunter; Arqua, a powerful mage; and Tainor, an orphaned pre-teen who is rarely seen around the village. He might have the skills of a ninja. When I announced the news, one of them said that we should send a group to get the rare flower. 
The man said ”No, don’t send anyone. No one should die to save me.” 
“But shouldn’t we get a reserve to help save the others who may get this disease?” a voice said. I looked over there and saw that it was the girl with the blonde hair. Sterling. She provided most of the village’s supply of meat from the animals she was able to hunt. 
I replied “B, Bu,  But...  But what if they would die also? Wouldn’t that just accomplish nothing except their deaths? It wouldn’t benefit anyone.” 
Arqua said, “I guess you are right, but I being the village’s best mage could make an antidote without using the Magintoc flower. But instead by using the Quentilanwal reed I’ll be able to make an antidote. I made the remedy before in one of my experiments. The Magintoc flower has special quantities that could improve my arcane powers. But alas, it shall remain unretrieved.” 
“Whoa, whoa. Where is this quentilanwal plant? Do you have some of it?” I ask. “I have been able to obtain some because Sterling collected some on one of her midnight runs. I’ll go back to get it.” she replied truthfully. Sterling announced that she needed to help out her family with some new horses. I looked over at the almost invisible teen. 
“What are you here for?” I asked. He replied with a voice that hinted no emotions at all. 
“When you work on your patients and find out the best way to heal them, it also teaches me about how to heal them. I’ve learned how to cause the blood coming from a minor wound to heal a fractured bone. But still, a mysterious magic of my own gets most of ” 
“To have been able to accomplish a task like this is a great achievement. You must be naturally gifted at healing to find out how to do that.” I say in praise. 
“Some may say that.” He replies. After that he vanished in the blink of an eye and so I go to sleep in my small compact bed in the corner looking forward to my usual dreams of peacefulness.

The next morning I awoke to a stormy day with the rain landing loudly on the roof of my work room. I started to get out of bed when I heard something. It was a loud noise which sounded like a mountain-lion’s roar. I had only heard it once before, when my parents were still alive. I was scared and had thought that a group of mountain-lion’s were attacking the village. Then my father came and said that it was nothing to worry about and that it was only thunder. A larger danger would be the lightning that may paralyze and kill whatever it touches. I got dressed in my normal attire that consists of an rough leather jacket, a cloth under-shirt to go underneath the jacket and to ensure that I don’t freeze, and dark grey reinforced leggings. My leather boots have been magically enchanted so that I can never lose them and so they will be soft, comfortable, and water/fireproof. I always wear them because they are one of the last things that I have from my parents. I miss them. Today I decided to wear my cloak and hood because of the rainstorm. I left my dwelling and headed to the woods. There I could have some peace and quiet. After an hour or so of walking, I noticed a peculiar sound. It seemed like an antelope was running this way. I hid hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of it. But instead of an antelope, I saw Sterling and her best friend, Arqua. I guess Arqua disguised the sound of their running with magic. A smart idea this was for no one would dare hunt antelope except Sterling and if someone heard someone else running, they might assume that they would be an enemy. They ran past me and went off to another part of the woods. I continued on my small hike and saw a very tall tree. I decided to climb it and get a better view of the forest so I could start mapping out the forest. As I climbed, I saw a piece of paper stuck between two branches. Once close enough to touch it, I grabbed it, put it in my pack, and climbed to the top of the tree. From there I saw everything. The village in the center of the valley, this tree to the south, Mountain Curson to the west, the treacherous mountain pass out of the valley in the east, and an old gnarled tree to the north. I climbed down the tree, careful not to damage the chest. On ground again, I decided to check out what was at the old tree to the north. On the paper, there was a blueprint of a longsword, bow, short swords, gloves with advanced rune markings on them, a pair of lightweight metallic claw-like gloves, a katana, and shuriken. I merely put it into my pack. Perhaps it would be more useful at another time. 

After two hours, I was able to get to the old tree. I went and sat down against the trunk of the tree, exhausted from the ten mile jog. Once I had rested, I stood up and looked around the tree. Then when I was examining a rock with strange carvings on it, I heard somebody land on the ground a few meters away. Since I had heard this, I started to jump to the side. When I had finished the roll, I examined the person. She was Arqua! 
“Who are you and what is your business?” she questioned. Once she finished had talking, she started throwing lightning bolts and fireballs at me. This, I was expecting and I rolled away. When a shield of energy appeared around her, I expected a significantly larger fireball with sparks flying from it. But instead of a fireball, an ice shard was launched toward me. Not knowing what ice was, I prepared to kick it to the ground and collect it for later examination. When my foot touched it, the ice shard disappeared in a miniscule explosion and ice started to encase my body. 
As the ice started to cover my upper back, I heard someone running this way. The ice had fully covered my back, lower body, and my shoulders. Sterling, apparently a female elf, had come into the area. 
She went to the Arqua and loudly asked, “What is the meaning of this? You go ahead and freeze a random person? For all we know, it could be our village’s best healer!?” Then she ran over here and broke the ice before it could fully encase my body. I fell to the ground and felt that I was being turned over so that my back would face the ground. A surge of energy entered my body, preventing unconsciousness. To the right I saw Tainor gather around me with the others. From Arqua’s direction, an orb went over and entered my body. Then I felt as if my consciousness had left my body and looked down at the situation with a bird’s view, from above. Light had seemingly radiated from our bodies. The light radiating from my own body took the form of gigantic wings that were able to fold up against my back, along with the symbol of a leader. Sterling’s took the form of pure light protecting all. Tainor’s light was shaped like a hidden being, always in disguise. Arqua’s light turned into a great water phoenix hovering above a book, and sea otters, dolphins, and polar bears were on the sides. It was the symbol of knowledge, health, and the water. Then almost instantly, I was sucked back into my body. The others helped me up. Tainor informed me that they had thought I was dead and Arqua apologized to me after realizing that I was Axtolen. We all had a laugh about my near-death experience and there our friendship began...

Please tell me what you think.
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