+Alex Koloskov , who brings us spectacular illustration & scenic splendor images has posed a question I think is a value to share.

"...is this what brings power to us?" to consider the selection of said "powerful images'.

Are these Photo-journalistic - shock & fear based moments in time what we must see as "Powerful" ? These are very excellent photographers who have managed to gather a strong well done image but it is the Editorial desks that wish to use the thrill draw to sell clicks on Buzz that tag them. Editor Matt Stopera, interestingly enough, has some delightful pet photos on his mattstopera.tumblr.com that are quite personable.

I think Alex, it is who the editor is that sets the tone and I agree the title used is subject to mistaken identity. Perhaps, if words like "Powerful" are to be truly used well, the Editor could be someone who really understand the Power of Humanity such as +Dalai Lama ? I'd like to see what images He might see as Powerful.

Also this morning, +Trey Ratcliff notes a similar problem where people reinterpret the photographers skill for there own editorial. Sadly, politics is everywhere.

Shutter On!
The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011

I still have not finished looking through them... Our world does not look good, is these are the most powerful images.
Most of them sad and scary: is this what brings power to us?
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