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When you hear that does your mind jump up & shout Chicago!!  yup.

Sometimes, in the course of my photo work, I find time to lay in the grass & see if I can find something special... It took quite a long time to get the right light for this.  During that time I chatted with the Blue Fly's and the Ants that thought I might be interesting to explore.  I always talk to the things in Nature around me  I want then to be my friend or at least tolerate me.  After all, some day we "Hue-Mens" will be long gone & I'd conjecture the Ants will still be here.   Some of Man's work may still be here too especially this one.  What will the Cosmic Cloud Minds think of this in 50,000 years?.... I think they might consider it for some time.

So, What do you think of this presentation?  Too much?  Too little? 
Stick with Pet Portraits... Hm-m-m, haven't posted those for a while....

Will be back to Underwater Wonders tomorrow... see today's second posts for some. 

Shutter On!

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Wow, splendid colors! Love those clouds!
Hai Vu
Love it, the composition, the perspective, the light, the sky, everything perfect. Just the right amount of HDR as well.
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