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If you ever wondered why I'm atheist then here is an example as to why. You may find the video disturbing but then again, you will gain an understanding as to how I find all religions offensive and disturbing.
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Thank you for your hypocritical comment Jamie. I know I can always rely on you.
I'm confused, historically, haven't christians been literally attacking everyone else that doesn't believe what they believe? Along with practically every other religion known to man, it seems like christians don't like the taste of their own medicine.

Or is that just me?

The gentlemen in the video below said it best but, if you're hanging on to your religion for dear life don't watch this, I would hate to be the one to disabuse you of your belief.

The Four Horsemen Discussion - Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens (1 of 2)
I will be vociferous for as long as people of religion discriminate against those who do not choose to conform to their brand of religion Jamie. Leave us alone and we will leave your cults alone.

Don't try to enforce your beliefs on the rest of society or attack me with your pernicious _BS god-talk. I will eat your god of choice up and spit him out.
True Christians" You all cherry pick. You are all religious fruitcakes. Christianity is religion. Stop trying to compartment-size or separate yourself from the problem. 
PS There is no bigger Tyrant than your GOD>
I would describe myself as an agnostic rather than an atheist, but I'm not a bigot. :D
I respect your high hopes Jamie, however I will still live in the reality of religion trying to enforce their beliefs upon me. I can't afford to live in fairy tale dreaming. My current reality depends on myself to fight for freedom from religion.
As an atheist ( the next person that tries to correct me and say I am an agnostic I am going to smile kill) I believe the wording should be changed in peoples minds. Not "freedom of religion" but "freedom from religion".
+Jamie Hickman You hypocritical people who spout ideology, because it is easier than thinking for yourselves is the reason I am an atheist. I like how you have defined the lines "evil is evil" what the f*** does that mean. Please define evil and don't be afraid to quote specifics. What do you know about men giving their lives on the front lines, it sure as hell is not for god or idealism. what are your ideals, mine are well defined because I have actually thought them out!
hehehe its the same people commenting on all these troll posts
"hell and back" Jamie. You obviously cannot separate your Christian belief from the religion you try to deny.
Did you come out of the womb as a Christian? Who taught you your beliefs?

Would you agree that the default position of any newborn is not to have a religious belief? Every baby is born atheist. It is a geographical accident of birth as to which god/religion they are indoctrinated into.
Is it the religion that is bad? Or are people using religion as an excuse to do bad things?

+Debbie Smith Muslims believe that you come out of your womb a Muslim and you get taught to be an atheist or whatever else.
Atheists don't believe in any deities, gods or god.
evolution isnt a gospel... its a fact
I suspect the lack of knowledge and comprehension evident in her rant will compel people to call her many things. Don't be shocked if someone implies that she is an ill informed idiot.
thats the thing, shes very well informed.
she just dosent go over board in trying to SOUND it.
She may be well informed about how people behave and act but it is painfully clear that she has very little knowledge of religions.
Unfortunately most people's actions and behaviour is driven by emotions and she is a prime example.
shes talking about certain actions religious ppl do and then expect ppl to accept those actions because it is religious... shes not trying to talk about religion as a whole... so.. wtf is your point? how can you even tell what she knows when shes not even talking about it in that context. presumptuous just a tad are we?
and apparently you missed the entire point of this video.
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