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A long day at work finds me a bowl of sevaiyaan waiting at home with a friend sharing her warmth of Ramadaan We exchange smiles and small conversations in the backdrop of a TV closing up on spuming swears, stones, ejaculating blood -           She wears a k...

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DREAM CATCHER (inspired by Brooke Shaden)
(Photo Credit: Brooke Shaden; More of her at You hand me five
balloons drawn on pink paper of
dreams Your teacher has
listed: 1 2 3 of your matchless
beauty leaving 4 5 for me – ‘THEY’ stare back, ...Mother knows best weavi...

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Ganesh Chaturthi
This year we make idols of clay mud, sifting little stones in the mud, I replace   those pockets with
my baggage, moulding with touch-drops of water in this dry spell I let my excesses bind, concrete, decked up   for a
journey, sans foot- prints, which woul...

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If only I could possess a remote control to flip through happenstances as if my thoughts could direct the tides retrospectively What if I could govern the sands of time churning for whimsicals I wonder if I would be perfidious to my own being only to stifle...

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A pollen seeds scattered thoughts growing leaf, leaves sprouting shoots,
off-shooting on a chalkboard where I carry the wind along whistling to whispered
creations As if it is for the muse to
wonder if the rainbow could have more than seven colours while I ...

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In a striped pinafore
over a white shirt, our daughter begins
kindergarten in a new school She leaves behind the
summer her facets of fear in
the swimming pool With a back pack sporting
Pinocchio the milieu promises through her  spectacles She waves ‘have a...

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as if there is a full stop to where words take me
Ripples swell my contours amidst conversations
draped casual as I envelope the events
emerging from folds of time into a minute swinging the
present and a past How I steal time to confront when left to count the
autumn petals sowed in black and white

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How I spend fleeting moments stretching to whisper, swaying twittering through the dawn breeze reveling in plush shades of green envy Carving out an escape from a cloud patch I seek to embrace a filtered sunbeam to hide from dictated happenstances Trembling...

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I got a name for
‘Who are you’? Echoing my contours MUCH before I learnt
to see and hear Now melanin sheaths Wane and wax to morph with choices,
chances and discretion Rippled views tune broken phrases and unsung
songs as I wipe
brushstrokes of rainbow star...

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I listened as she counted the autumn leaves crackling under her feet and those still hanging to the branch painted green while sinking into unison with the night’s carpet I listened as she counted the stars refusing a moonbeam exercising a choice to wear do...
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