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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Southwest Laundry Equipment wants to help fight Breast Cancer, and we want to give our customers an opportunity to help as well. Since 2014, in an effort to serve those affected by Breast Cancer, Southwest Laundry Equipment has been selling exclusive, top-quality cotton herringbone belting, available in 2", 2-1/2", and 3" widths, with a single pink stripe down the middle. Learn more -- click the link below....

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Belting To Meet Any Need! At AZSLE we have the widest range of belting options in the Laundry Industry. Our most popular belting products are listed below. However, there are many others available and customized options too, contact our office for more details (480)205-1293 or visit us online at

Cotton Beltings
Anti-Static Belting
Elastic Belting
Rubber Top-Cotton Beltings
Felt Beltings
Air Flow Beltings
Rubber Beltings
Return Ironer Beltings
Polyester Beltings
Driver Roll Coverings

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IRONER BELTING - Highest Productivity, Maximum Performance.
Quality linen finishing and maximum productivity require the right belts. Belting must be matched to type of linen, machine make and speed, and many other operating conditions. The wide line of belting options at Southwest Laundry Equipment includes types that will get the maximum performance from your ironers and folders.
-We can supply belting to meet any need.
-We provide all types of finished cut to length belts.
-We carry a complete line of belts for all makes of spreader feeders.
-We offer belt pullers and lacing kits, for quick and easy installation.
-We have a complete inventory of roll goods, clipper lacing hooks, pins, belt dips and lacers.

Wondering which belt is right for you? Our friendly staff at Southwest Laundry Equipment is ready and available to answer your questions. We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right belting, giving you trouble-free operation and the highest productivity. Don't delay, call today! (602)253-9687

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At Southwest Laundry Equipment manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona the team creates flatwork ironer belts for your commercial laundry equipment. In this video, clipper lacing is being added to the belting products. www.AZSLE.COM
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MANUFACTURING THE HIGHEST QUALITY & BEST SELLING IRONER PAD - THE STEEL MASTER PAD ~ Southwest Laundry Equipment is building quality, long lasting ironer pads everyday.  Whether your ironer is a traditional multi-roll type or a cylinder type, we have the padding and covering to produce high-quality work and trouble-free operation.  What truly sets us apart from the competition in the area of flatwork ironers is our experience and our excellence in customer service. We produce and sell a variety of ironer pads for your ironer. Our highest quality and best selling ironer pad is the Steel Master Pads. These are manufactured and sold exclusively by us, Southwest Laundry Equipment in Phoenix Arizona.  When ordered they can be shipped directly to you, nearly anywhere world wide.  To discover more see our product highlight below which gives you an inside look at the ironer pad that is simply the best!

Steel Master FWI Pad: A knitted metal mesh ironer pad with 100% stainless steel jacket.  This is simply the best and most durable ironer pad on the market.  It hold chest heat longer while providing a free flow of vacuum. The ironer can run faster with higher productivity and a better quality finish.  This pad is the lowest cost per year of any padding on the market. 
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The World's Most Popular Ironer Aprons ~ Southwest Laundry Equipment is building quality, long lasting ironer aprons everyday. Providing the world's most popular ironer aprons in the laundry industry.  The reason is simple, our aprons run better, are more efficient and last longer.  Made with a special duck, using a combination of select long-staple cotton and polyester fiber with more twists than standard yarn and more yarns per square inch. Every apron is accurately pre-cut to fit your ironer perfectly.  They are complete with clipper lacing.  Together, this makes every Southwest Laundry Equipment apron durable, strong and stretch resistant. 

Rip Stop Heavy Long Life 5x5 Ply
The strongest apron duck ever made.  For extra durability, filling yards are 25% heavier than in regular aprons. 120-in. widths

Super Long Life 4x5 Ply
World's largest selling apron duck. Perfectly balanced for longest life and straight tracking. 100-, 110-, 120-in. widths

Anti-Static 5x5 Ply
Same construction as the Rip Stop apron, but with 100% polyester yards for added strength, plus metallic microfilament yarn to reduce
operating problems due to static electricity.

Poly-Cotton 4x5 Ply
Same construction as the Super LongLife apron, but with 100% polyester yarns woven in at 1-inch intervals for extra durability.

Available Sizes Are As Follows:
- 21 feet 7 inches x 120-in. widths
- 24 feet 7 inches x 120-in. widths
- 26 feet 10 inches x 120-in. widths
- 29 feet 10 inches x 120-in. widths


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Along with selling fully rebuilt ironers, Southwest Laundry Equipment can rebuild your ironers either in your facility or we can ship it back to ours, and upgrade it with: 
- Right hand drive conversions
- All new safety switches
- Raise and lower motor and gearboxes
- Vacuum system upgrade
- Inverter drives
- New springs
- Canopies
- New sidecovers
- Add a 2-Roll Section to your Hypro Ironer

Any of the Ironer Upgrades and Ironer Rebuilds are available for your used ironer or used laundry equipment.  Contact us today to discover more 480-205-1293 or
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Parts for Flatwork Ironers & other Laundry Machines - Southwest Laundry Equipment stocks a variety of parts for your equipment needs. In addition, we can completely rebuild your flatwork ironer equal to or better than new, with new drives, controls and other components. When ordering parts, our goal is to get you back in operation as quickly as possible. We are able to process & ship orders up to 4pm MST. With this fast processing service, most of our customers receive a part order within 1-2 days. Call us today to place your order or view our parts online at

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Looking for more info on Resillo Press Pad products? If so, check out our blog sharing a history lesson about how Resillo Press Pads began and where they are now. Just click the article link below.

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