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Ben Harris-Roxas
Health researcher and HIA practitioner
Health researcher and HIA practitioner
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Inspiring work by UHRC
Basti (slum) women's group members and UHRC team assess #multidimensional #health, #environment, #socioeconomic #risks, discuss, determine and implement #solutions in Gadhi Chandni area, #Agra. This is part of UHRC approach of helping basti dwellers steadily develop self-reliance, acquire skills to obtain services, entitlements from respective departments. 
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Some reflections on CHETRE's Learning by Doing health impact assessment training.

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A great resource from SOPHIA : The SOPHIA Equity Working Group has just released Communicating about Equity in HIA: A Guide for Practitioners .  HIAs provide an opportunity to advance equity, but practitioners often struggle with how to effectively and stra...

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HIA Practitioner Workshop in the U.S.A. in March
SOPHIA's HIA Practitioner Workshop (formerly HIA of the Americas) will take place March 7-8, 2016 at The California Endowment in Oakland, CA. The Workshop is intended for current practitioners of Health Impact Assessment interested in strategic field buildi...

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Health impact assessment needs maturity models
Whenever I used to write anything about health impact assessment I started with "HIA it is a new field". That’s no longer the case. People have been grappling with how to make HIAs routine for more than twenty years. This has taken different forms. It’s des...

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Short HIA training course: gauging interes
From Marla Orenstein from Habitat Health Impact Consulting : We are currently trying to gauge the level of interest in having a short HIA training workshop (2-3 days) held in different cities — possibly including yours!  We have developed a very brief surve...

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HIA of transport projects for Plaine Commune
Download the report An English summary of the Plaine Commune HIA of transport projects has been developed. It describes an HIA of three related transport projects in the Saint-Denis area of Paris. You can download the report here .

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Trading away Health: Reflections on an HIA of a trade agreement”?
Guest post by Fiona Haigh: The HIA team at CHETRE has been working with a group of Australian academics and non-government
organisations to carry out a health impact assessment (HIA) on the Trans
Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations. The report ...
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