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Sunday Walkabout 7-23
even the sunrise looks hot I really thought I
could do it. I thought I could tell you about the week on the hill
without any difficulties. I was going to show you the green beans we canned
last week. I would tell you that we were successful in hauling the l...

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Sunday Walkabout 7-16
neighbor's steers deal with the weather.. It’s been daggone hot lately. I realize this is no real news.  by standing in the creek It’s JULY.  In a Southern
State.  It's hot and hazy the light is harsh the grass is dry yep... it's July in VA! We should be us...

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To Be Continued...
We were making a wild
dash across the county, peering intently out the windshield, hoping against
hope that we could beat the rain. But, afternoon thunderstorms were building
ominously in our path. The kids were tucked in the backseat. The dog was most unha...

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Sunday Walkabout 7-9
harvesting involves a fair amount of water Harvest...this week was all about harvest. While the word harvest may conjure thoughts of big,
specialized equipment and large work crews, that is not the case on an
operation of our size and scale. Most of our har...

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Sunday Walkabout 7-2
July sunrise I thought about starting this post with.... ...well, at least nothing died this
week. But, that did seem a little dismal. (even for me) Although
considering the tone my last two walkabouts had taken, no loss of life really
was good news. hot, b...

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Sunday Walkabout 6-25
Sunday morning on the farm Since the broilers got our attention last week, it seems only
fair that the sheep dominated this week’s news cycle. Although, unfortunately,
it wasn’t all good coverage. this one isn't sick just stuck in the fence First thing Mond...

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Sunday Walkabout 6-18
hawk in the morning sky (keep on flying...away from our chickens!) The dogs spent the night doing battle with a fox.  Well, now, to be
perfectly honest, it was more of a yelling match than a battle. The cat-sized
fox obviously knew better than to get too cl...

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Sunday Walkabout 6-11
June means we travel to Edinburg for lamb processing and one of my favorite views in the Valley Ordinarily, after shearing, the ewes go back out to pasture
and don’t demand much attention (other than feed and water) until late July
when we ready them for Au...

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Sunday Walkabout 6-4
getting ready to plant the round of summer broccoli Getting things done.  That was the underlying theme of the week. And, while we got a great deal accomplished, the “to-do”
list continues to grow. But, that’s just par for the course this time of year.
In o...

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Sunday Walkabout 5-28
view from the office window “You’re
not the boss of me!”                           ---imagined memo from the weather Being self-employed is often seen as the penultimate work
situation. You are in charge, making your own schedule and working your own
plan. ...
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