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learning together
learning together

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App Inventor accounts and build servers from Jefferson Software

We added two new items to our App Inventor store, accounts on our App Inventor server and access to our build server.

We think more choices will help the community to continue to grow.

We are still working out the details, but you can get on today.

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The icon 진우 김, the Korean team lead for the community supported translation project, came up with for his team's private server.

Could not get it to re-share with the public? so here is is directly.

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App Inventor build server in VirtualBox

We just got done testing the App Inventor build server in a VirtualBox VM.

I generated an appliance for it, and will test that next. Some day we will be able to download what we need, import it into VirtualBox and run.

Stay tuned for more info at the virtual box page on our App Inventor site

first cut on a JSON app

The first cut on an app that helps you understand how to use JSON returned from web apps. We are testing using G+ to build the images and to see if we get any 'social networking' by using G+

I will add to the info, sooner if there is interest.


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our new App Inventor site

I opened up our App Inventor site appinventor after the very exciting announcement by +andrew mckinney about the release of the experimental MIT App Inventor jars.

The site is currently very under construction. I put a gadget there for folks to get our very affordable consulting on getting their development servers up.

and to start collecting info on the care and feeding of a private App Inventor server.

Woo Hoo!!!

Back to editing :-)


Our new Google+ page!
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