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Terry Dawson
Tinkerer and maker of things radio, linux, electronics and wood.
Tinkerer and maker of things radio, linux, electronics and wood.

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Selective breeding of dogs.. clearly not good for dogs.

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This feels like the future, at last.

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Wirds ta liv bye.

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My advice to fellow Australian voters:

1. Vote

2. Don't Donkey Vote

3. Do some reading and research before you vote. At the very least, go to the websites of the parties you are most interested in and read their policies. Don't rely on what you've learned from the media. At best, look at how they are constituted and consider what that means for how your local member will behave if they're elected.

4. Don't Donkey Vote.

5. If you're uncertain about how your selected party distribute their preferences, then vote below the line.

6. Don't Donkey Vote.

7. If you vote below the line, double check your vote to ensure it is valid. Count forward and cross-check by counting backward.

8. Don't Donkey Vote.

9. If you really, really, really don't know who to vote for, then don't Donkey Vote, instead take the voting forms, don't write anything on them at all, fold them in half and place them in the voting box. You've elected to not cast a vote, without casting a stupid vote. Job done.

Oh, and don't Donkey vote.

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I've supported this initiative. MakerSlide is useful kit for relatively quickly building all sorts of things. I'm spreading the word, because this is the only local supply option (I'm aware of) that we have at present.

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I know I said I was moving to "The Old Reader" the other day, but I've had problems importing my OPML file and they don't have an Android client.

Instead I'm now using "" which was an utterly painless transition (no export from reader necessary, it will fetch your reader information automatically) and has an Android client.

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This makes sense.
Those of you who love it when +Chase Nunes and I fry up some conspiracy bacon on Unfilter will love this. The conspiracy of Star Wars, EXPOSEDomg

Luke's Change: an Inside Job

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I'm moving across to the "The Old Reader" since Google have decided to scrap Google Reader. Very disappointing. I was a Google Wave user when they scrapped it and was annoyed, but Reader has been my daily work-horse for consuming published things I need to know for years now.

Importing my feed data into The Old Reader tells me that nearly 6500 people are ahead of me in the queue, so I guess I'm not alone.

Pet Hate of the Day: "Instructional" videos as a replacement for textual help.

Sorry, I can see you've put a lot of work into them and they're usually very pretty, but they're almost useless to me. You will always have the pace wrong, focus attention on the bits that I think are unimportant and bury the one-liner that I'm looking for four and a half minutes into it when my attention has lapsed. Also they're not searchable!

Don't make them an alternative to, make them an adjunct to good conventional textual help. Please.

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The message of this video is somewhat true of the whole of science, engineering and technology.

As a side-note, I'm somewhat struck by the superficial similarities of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.
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