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Most things have .deb packages these days... I'm very reluctant to install sketch tar.gz things.

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Come to our grand opening! Open house with tours and demos in the afternoon; Party with live music and a cash bar in the evening.  It'll be awesome!

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+Tara Tiger Brown, congrats on making the White House website. Fantastic exposure!

Greetings from +Kwartzlab!

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Some results from Louise's Christmas Crafts Party!
Christmas Craft Party (15 photos)
15 Photos - View album

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I love Richard Stallman, but the dude is crazy paranoid. I don't think there's much +Ubuntu Unity could do to appease him. I do think that we should be doing a better job of addressing the +Electronic Frontier Foundation's legitimate privacy concerns. Remember them? Those folks are reasonable. We can work with them.

It appears the G+ app for Android doesn't play animated gifs.  This is a terrible oversight which should be rectified immediately.

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It's #squirrelsaturday, guys!
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