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Oh another hed shot
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why else would someone use the term "open air prison" ? it makes no sense and has no context outside of Palestine..
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Funny thing about the truth is you don't have to agree for it to be so.
This rant isnt meant to attack any group of people or views. Just my own for the sharing, feel free to scroll on...not for the closed minded.

   Politics in America are apart of a world wide game. A game we are all aware of, being run by a shadow government, said to be satanic in nature....but hey you dont have to believe that, to connect the dots, and recognize that we are ruled by big central banking cartels (owned by only a few families). Facts that are not hidden, the world is billions of dollars in debt to a handful. So if we can see that we can see the trickle down effect, and can agree that these families literally have their hands in everything, they run everything, they herd everyone, create social views at the core and in some cases make science except them. Thats why children are being drugged for not shutting up and following orders, as they are taught to do not only at home because we are far to busy to give a shit, but at school, on t.v. these elite handful are apart of every major event we know about in history. 

We live in their illusion.

is it hard to believe that the president has already been picked?

Both Trump, and sanders will continue the elite planning. As they are two different wings apart of the same bird. 
Obama was key to many things, things that important...but im bringing up specifically the division in our country.
religions are more divided than ever
races are more divided than ever
citizens and local/federal government are more dived than ever
financial classes are more divided tan ever

Obama is the president of division.
the elite want rebellion...they play opposition, and they would gain a great deal if we had a rebellion. Were screwed folks.
Will rebellion come under Obamas administration? Id like to think we are close to small isolated incidents. 
so whats next?
Trump? You will further Obamas divisions, pitting brother againts brother. Depends... if we rebel then we dont need Trump. Trump is the we can fix the problem hype...just like obama. Oh but hes a party? Ha.
If we have a full blown rebellion, Obama is the last president. Or Trump if he cant succeed. 
"Small isolated incidents" (as they will call it) Then Sanders is up for bat! Why? well he says he loves the people and the people will love him...he will fix corruption and bring justice...right? "regulate big banks" "big corp"
lol.. all things that wont matter, if Obamas agenda is complete.

We are right at the tip...the very top... of a similiar situation, that brought in the Euro, that demolished the pound. Despite what they tell us... the euro didnt do as well as they hoped... but it doesnt matter. For them it did exactly what it was supposed to. It replaced many currencies with one. Therefore the banking cabal just took more control of government, corporations, and most importantly the people.

Mark my words. The results we seen from Obama will be 10 fold under Trump. Put him in a different party, you can balance the scale, and people are fooled.

Mark My words. Under Sanders, we know the elites plans are going accordingly, sanders will usher in Amero. Because we cant fixed this shit hole with out a reset. We cant bring the ideas he has forth under the financial collapse we are experiencing. Amero. because if you want to eat, and have a place to live. Amero, because Mexico is poor and owe us a ton of money, and thats why the Chinese have been building their bases over there. because.. the AMERO. Because Canada suddenly had a influx of corruption in their police and federal.

my thoughts are my own, and most people look down on me. but lets see shall we.. im sure in 8 years this will be long forgotten. Or ill be dead. Regardless if im right or not... nothing will change. How can you change the truth when you live in and worship an illusion.
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This is how monied interests control our "justice system" Planned parenthood is a criminal organization and they are protected by an even bigger criminal organization, the government. 
A Texas grand jury has ignored the videos exposing a Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion clinic caught selling aborted baby body parts and has instead ind
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All politicians are terrorists
RED ALERT!!!!! -  Secret ISIS War Powers Act Covertly Allows Martial Law On US Streets -


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Ok folks! Did some updating.. theres a lot of information here.. it took a long time to get this all. Even tho ive been building on it. This is just an updated look. Ive added some medical links. The newest developments ive read are cannabis for protecting your mitochondria, and neurons. It reverses brain damage, and slow brain aging. plus a few more... skim thru it if you've already seen this in the past... again ive updated it.

"In the age of knowledge ignorance is a choice"

Lets start here...and do read thru the first link. Its the most informative, and It touches directly on the point about CBDs, sativas, concentrates...and how its used to treat/CURE cancer. If you just simply look at the link, you may not feel its credible for such info...but open it up, its compiled of 42 links from government sites, and respected universities. Followed by more links i posted individually. Anything thats an article has a journal link inside. I tried to pull them all out but sometimes i feel the article is necessary. Its up to you to think for yourself.


OxFord journals Therapeutic Uses

killing tumors

not to mention the various other diseases that can be cured/ cluding obesity, epilepsy, pain, parkinsons, melinoma, ect ect ect

Cannabinoid receptors as novel targets for the treatment of melanoma

obesity HC-V is closely related to THC in chemical structure, being distinguished by its 3-carbon propyl side chain. It has no psychoactive properties, and may help a wide spectrum of disorders including Parkinson’s Disease. Interestingly, while THC activates CB1 receptors, THC-V blocks them without causing the negative effects (like nausea) associated with other antagonist-like compounds. 

This is One of many treatment that doesn't require the patient to feel high for. I discuss this below, using links to show the chemical breakdown of cannabis. Not just what people are talking about.


Slows brain aging, and helps restore brain damage.

Alzheimer Disease

Can reverse nerve damage and protect neurons

Neuroprotective Antioxidants from cannabis;jsessionid=BFEC653E5DCDE89546634EE8945CD847.f04t01?userIsAuthenticated=false&deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=

cannabis a neurodegenerative diseases

protects neurons and mitochondria


Cannabis and ms



Saving lives one puff at a time. Prescription drug use/overdose down where cannabis legal.

Impossible to Over Dose.. and why??

If marijuana is bad for the lungs then why does it help asthma patients...? probably because of RESPONSIBLE usage...? 

Nope, it doesn't matter if your responsible or not... cannabis can not hurt your lungs! Smoking cannabis heavily DOES NOT increase risk of lung cancer!!

Earleywine M, Smucker Barnwell S. Decreased respiratory symptoms in cannabis users who vaporize. Harm Reduction Journal 2007;4:511-513.

In the new study, which was published in the Journal of American Medical Association and financed by the national institute of health, roughly 5100 men and women in four cities Oakland, Chicago, Minneapolis and Birmingham - were interviewed and given lung funCtion test repeatedly for over 20 years They were on average age 25 at the start, and more than half smoked Cannabis, cigarettes or both. The researchers found that moderate users,use did not worsen pulmonary function. Studies done by Dr. Kertesz.Dr. Tashkin said he and his colleagues had found in their own research-unexpectedly-that even smoking up to 3 joints a day did not appear to cause a decrease in lung function. "I think that the bottom line is that there does not appear to Be any negative impact on lung function of marijuana smoking," he said, "and that therefore marijuana is not a risk factor for the development of C.O.P.D Tobacco is the most important risk of C.O.P.D.  <--- MEDICAL JOURNAL

Many studies have shown that cannabis use may benefit asthma patients and enhance general lung function by acting as a bronchodilator, rather than a bronchoconstrictor. In fact, a new study in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics provides yet further evidence of how cannabinoids could help protect the lungs.

acknowledged that marijuana smoke exposure was not positively associated with the development of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, or bullous lung disease. It concluded: "[H]abitual use of marijuana alone does not appear to lead to significant abnormalities in lung function. Findings from a limited number of well-designed epidemiological studies do not suggest an increased risk of either lung or upper airway cancer from light or moderate use. ... Overall, the risks of pulmonary complications of regular use of marijuana appear to be relatively small and far lower than those of tobacco smoking."

this journal admits (by lack of evidence, and verbally) that there is no Concern with even in heavy use. that lung function will NOT decrease while smoking cannabis.

they go on to say bronchodilator properties of marijuana were recognized in the nineteenth century when marijuana was used for the treatment of we are rediscovering what we once knew. theres tons more info supporting what i am saying here

Emory University in Georgia has studies proving cannabis doesn't hurt lung function

Not only do we talk about fighting caner in this journal, again.. they mention how cannabis smoking doesn't decrease lung all...

good for the lungs even if you dont smoke it, these next two journals are from the 70s. they knew it then. Theres a ton more journals on there that support the use for asthma but they are charging money to view. (wtf)

Physiologic variables were monitored before and for 20 minutes after smoking. In the high-dose group the heart rate increased 28 per cent. Concomitantly, airway resistance, measured in a body plethysmograph, fell 38 per cent; the functional residual capacity remained unchanged (± 50 ml) throughout, and specific airway conductance increased 44 per cent. Flow-volume loops showed a 45 per cent increase in flow rate at 25 per cent of vital capacity. The low-dose group showed no increase in heart rate but significant, if lesser changes, in airways dynamics. Carbon dioxide sensitivity, measured by rebreathing remained unchanged in both groups.

and......Heres more medical journals.....
This link^^^^is in the article below and is a medical journal. Seeing how folks dislike leafscience, then skip the article.

Heres a group whos views on cannabis is questionable, I wouldnt use them otherwise... and even this anti cannabis group admits smoking cannabis doesnt increase the risk of lung cancer

Heres a British Journal that backs up 90% of what ive already said, in one place.

these studies can vary as there are different marijuana you might say, "Oh marijuana makes you lazy and dumb." but there are strains that effects make your mind sharper to critical thinking, and fill you with energy. Some might say, smoking is bad, ooohhh Kay, then dont smoke it. eat it, or massage the oils into your body where necessary( note that doing this doesnt have any intoxicating effects what so ever and works miracles for things like arthritis. so with all that being said, unless you can prove any of these wrong, we can go ahead and move forward with saying marijuana is safe to the body. as for the there are a couple of classes to choose from. you say you dont like the intoxicating effects of marijuana because it slows you down well try a sativa, no intoxicating effects to the mind, but your body responds with either energy or relaxation, you have to pick and choose your strains. or you can get a full blown indica and slow your mind way down, and get that psychoactive feeling that everybody seems to think how all marijuana is, and they are SADLY MISTAKEN EDUCATE YOURSELVES on the science of marijuana.

Those last few links really gets into how marijuana with a high CBD content doesnt get you "stoned"

And this next one is a ingredients list, because the uneducated still think its only THC...WRONG!

I hope everyone researched the link I put up for a better understanding of what marijuana actually is and what it actually does and not that hear say stuff from propaganda, or uninformed people.

Next lets dive into the crime numbers!

Colorado Sells $19 Million in Weed in March: $1.9 Million Goes to Schools and Crime Down 10%

All the naysayers who were against marijuana legalization are eating crow about now. Colorado’s weed sales just keep trending up, and with the sales of legal weed, they are improving their schools and reducing overall crime rates.

here is a old link just from the first few months rec went on sale and 10-11% drop in all violent crimes at the time...

here are some updates::

(august 2015...waiting for new numbers. accurate numbers)

“According to statistics compiled by the DPA, in the first 11 months of 2014, the rate of violent crime fell 2.2 percent compared with the same period in 2013. In the same time frame, burglaries in Colorado’s capital, Denver, decreased by 9.5 percent and overall property crime decreased by 8.9 percent.

Further, arrests for marijuana possession have continually dropped since 2010 and are now down roughly 84 percent.” 

this is just Denver, when we look state wide those numbers are a little better.

Even Washington.... same results, different law, same plant.

Trends show that crime rates starting steadily dropping since day one of legalization of recreational use.

Crime drops, but Money is up!! (2015 number still waiting on new, accurate numbers for 2016)

Also the use of alcohol dropped.

Cannabis sold more than alchol
And even more links!!!

Driving high vs alcohol/insurance rates drop with cannabis users

Cannabis is not a gateway drug, that's just ignorant

*Teen use drops(alcohol and drugs in general) with legalization of cannabis(duh)

not only is other drug use down (including alcohol) but so is cannabis use among teens*

safer than alcohol 

these links arent journals, but cites legitimate government/ scientific studies

The scientific study that backs up 3 previous articles

And some more links....

sigh there literally sooo much info in this, I could do this all day long....
And even more links!

Its possible that it doesn't effect children I.Qs, because as usual they are leaving out info about the subjects also using other drugs and alcohol, and instead of mentioning that in the studies, we just blame weed because alcohol, and other hard drugs have no effects on kids

And as far as addiction goes...they dont explain that the so called 10% that get addicted show theses signs even with the placebo studies. You see, the "addiction" from marijuana is not physical, your body does not go through withdrawals, its the mind, people are habitual, plus they usually just make up excuses to use, so it's not a real craving, its a mental thing because people have nothing better to do most the time. Do that's a huge deference from other hard drugs where the body builds a dependency, then craves the hard stuff. Again marijuana is not addictive, you do not have withdrawals when you stop using, but you might be an ass for a couple days.

Also the fda has approved it recently, so soon it will be at least dropped to a schedule 2

And my favorite allll time fun facts

Since we are talking about facts. I have presented facts where marijuana can enhance parts of the brain, and actions. Again...strain specific.

Marijuana is 100% safe I have presented scientific studies that show that. You talk about side effects in a manner that is harmful... so let me ask you, objectively, please present the facts stating negative effects of marijuana...?

Consumption of water kills more people a year than marijuana. We know pharmaceuticals kill waaayyyyyy more a year than marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, blah blah blah all the obvious stuff I don't need to mention. 
So here are a list of 'out of the ordinary' things that kill more people yearly than marijuana (by the way marijuana has killed ZERO people
.Shark attacks
.Fair ground accidents
.Falling coconuts
.Plane crash
.escape of radiation from a nearby nuclear power station
.Terrorist attack
.Scolding hot water
.Left handed people, using right handed tools
.Snake bite
.Food poisoning
.Falling off a ladder
.Falling out of bed
.Drowning in bath
.Train accidents
.accidents at work
.Road accidents
.heart attack
(Some of these can be prevented by marijuana)

With all that being said, there is no reason people shouldn't be able to use something that is proven by medical science in multiple studies, that not only improves life, but can be a muse for various things.
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Fuck you PayPal!!
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Ohh ooh ohh head shot!!
Mske sure its a bullet and not a pellet. I heard a story of a pellet (government rebirthing) and tge shooter got caught... the target dudnt due and snapped his nevk off....
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