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can't wait for those hot girls to join Google+ ;)
ahahahah so i'm a geek then..
You lucky guy ;-) I hope you'll find some hot-nerd...
Shown to Googlers today... they laughed (and sadly, nodded their heads ;))
It's becoming less of a Boy's Club over time, thank goodness.
so true! but it kinda makes's like a forbidden fruit; it just makes people want it more...more over, nerds and IT critics are the hardest group to please; so starting with them is very clever!
Clyde p
+1, also very true... ladies be offering me all sorts of services for an invite
I understand... I was allready wondering how some of the beauties made their way inside...
Clyde p
you don't even what to know they are doing to get inside haha
I've watched a lot of times a lot of guys doing a lot of embarrassing things to get inside of ... hmm ... you know. So it's payback time and you got to take revenge for all of us ;-)
Clyde p
Trust me, this one is for those awkward moments. And let me tell you the taste of revenge is sweet haha :)
It's quite funny to watch the different views of my comic... I think it's not pro geek or nerd or femal or whatsoever. I would really like to share some of my thoughts and Ideas, but I think you will totally missunderstood me, because I just can't find the right words in english... I just playing around with clichés...
Clyde p
and I am providing the socially endorsed view of the male jerk off attitude, you can thank jersey shore for promoting such things
That pretty much sums it up..but it seems like things are changing rapidly..More and more invites are poping up all over the
not true anymore, inviting people in like crazy
Didn't realize we were such a select group. Hope they don't repeat the Google Wave situation. *not that I enjoyed using that system... just saying
nice artwork!
Yes, i draw this because a lot of my friends couldn't join the first days... Thx for all your comments!
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