Hail to thee… Thou great white one, at whose beauty the Ennead rejoices
Not sure if the Powerful One counts for #caturday  or not, but I am sure the nice purchaser of this piece will enjoy her anyway.

Her papyrus spent much time clipped to a drawing board in front of a dehumidifier, as when she was painted we had consisted 99% humidity days and the paints were very slow to dry (gum arabic is slower than other paints at any rate) The white paint I had bought from the other side of the world had separated in its tube and had to be remixed. (It is only used on the border design) It was very slow to dry.

These papyrus paintings use both paints and inks, and sometimes the binders for the different media are not compatible, which means I have to apply colours in a different order and cannot mix as I normally would. Still, this is one of my favourite pieces so far.
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