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Real Source Property Managment

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Property Management in Orlando, FL
(407) 298-9777

We are Real Source Property Management, a property management company in Orlando, Florida. If you are looking for property managers, I want to give you a couple of tips on how to start that process.

We've been around the Central Florida area for over 30 years and we service Orange County, Osceola County, Seminole County, and many more locations. If you're interviewing property management companies there are a few things to be aware of.

One tip that we would offer you is to ask how long the company has been in the business. We've been doing this for over 30 years, like I said. We've worked out the kinks with leases, with management contracts... We know how to service our clients and how to take care of them and protect their interests. We work to remove the hassle, maximize the cash flow and protect the property condition.

The second tip we would offer is to ask the company what type of tenant screening they do up front. That's really key to protecting the property conditions. So, if they're just looking at one piece of information, it's probably not sufficient. We want to look at credit score, credit history, debt to income ratios and proof of income. We have several different areas. Those are just a few that we look at to get a very broad view of behavioral patterns and what type of tenant we're placing and are crucial in making sure that we place a good tenant to protect the property.

The third thing we would offer is what kind of software and database are they using to track your property, ledgers and statements? That's the number one complaint from people, they don't understand what's on their statements - they don't understand what's being done. We use a system called AppFolio. It's been a great system for us. It allows for our owners to really be in charge and really have transparency in to what's happening on their owner statements each month. If they ever do not understand, our system allows 38 different types of reports right off the bat, that way we can help a person choose a report that's going to work for them, that they can see what's going on and really know that they have control over what's happening at their property.

For more information, please call us at: (407) 298-9777

Or go here for more info:

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