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Chameleon is one of the UK's leading SEO Company's based in Birmingham.
Chameleon is one of the UK's leading SEO Company's based in Birmingham.

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We have been nominated for another Award at the CSS Design Awards for the latest site we have delivered.

Alpha Drive Supercar Hire needed a website that delivered an impact.

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Excellent article that we stubbed across. In our view always provide what Google needs and let them sort out what they need. But make sure you use only keywords that exist in the page content in your titles and meta data.

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11 years ago my brother (now 34) was in an accident and broke his neck. He is now a vent-dependent quadriplegic (think Christopher Reeves).

Over Thanksgiving I had the chance to let him use my new #Daydream, Google's VR device. I showed him some 360° pictures and Cardboard Camera videos that I took during a recent trip to Italy. He was able to "experience" the Last Supper, Piazza del Dumo, Cinque Terre, and a few other places. He was pretty amazed.

Then I had him play PolyRunner VR. When I played it, I thought that it was a fun game and wasted a few minutes playing it. His response was much different:

"This is awesome!"
"This is the best Thanksgiving ever!"

and finally:

"I haven't been able to play a real video game in eleven years!"

Technology helps to make his life manageable. I'm really glad to work for company that makes products like Daydream that can make all of our lives better. Even if it is as simple as letting someone play a video game. I'm looking forward to see what else the Daydream team can do to further this kind of experience for those with disabilities.

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Started using the Aura and this seems to be the answer to my sleep problems.

Google Reviews. Has anyone come across this problem.

If someone leaves a negative review, it could be just a one star click and no words. This is impossible to remove.

You can try all the report options and still it stays.

We have a client who is complaining that the review effects uneducated searchers. If you click to view the reviews it is clear that this is fake.

We have added a comment for the client also saying this is a spam review and to be removed.

The client thinks the harm means they should reduce the Google Adwords spend until resolved due to having less enquiries over August. The truth we have shown is less spend on the advertising due to less searching probably due to UK holidays.

The problem we have is everything we do good is now being damaged in the clients head due this negative review. They have become hung up on this.

Any advice would be most helpful.

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We have been nominated for CSS Design award. Take a look and if you like please VOTE for us:-

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