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Ebony Turnbull
Married To Estella. <3 (:
Married To Estella. <3 (:

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LOL when you ask a teacher to marry you and he tells you he has a wife! Then you tell him that she will be hit by a truck some time these holidays and then he thinks i am going to kill her!!!! I am not that mean am i... +Roni Smith +Stella Bella 

<3 you stella babe xxxoooxxx

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This Is So Fun go on google and play it NOW

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Status- Annoyed
Who-Not Telling
Why-Because i like him and apperently he likes me but he dosent want to go out with anyone till he is 18!
Help-estella or roni tommrow can you go up to him and ask him out for me when he is alone !!
Thanx Guys :) 
Question-Why dose connor understand how i am feeling and how come he diddnt know what a h*e was and as soon as he found out he starts laughing his head off when it is a teachers last name? HELP ME ! boys can be so annoying!!

Now Status- Love Is Annoying !!!

Been in love with some one suince the start of the year - what i learnt= their is no point in likeing him if he dosent like you back !! now still in love with him and also someone else - what i have learnt from that= i shouldnt like anyone if they dont like me back because i am w was born allone and i  am proberly going to die alone !!
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