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Dwight Mouton
Saving the world one Marketing Department at a time
Saving the world one Marketing Department at a time
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Hmmm, at what point do you just line the walk-in closet with steel plating and put a combination safe door on it?  

There's a fairly new fraud call going around.  
Caller has an Indian accent and says he is Steve? Martin from US Treasury with a message regarding an Enforcement Action on you.  The number he's using is 509-723-0991.  I verified with IRS that it is a scam. 

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+Oak City Cycling Project this would be a great promo for the #hepcatrace  :-)
FezzNation: Not for the cat, not for the bike, but for the evil villian twisted mustache . . . . the cat does look like it's having fun though.
#FezzNation   #CaturDay   
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Why did my +Google wake up in Brasil today??  I've never even been to Brasil. (or Brazil for us Americans :-) )

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Why NOT make a whole cookie out of chocolate chips??  
Cookie Monster looks pretty sharp in a tie!

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Cookie Monster's Ideas

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Just in time for my afternoon snack!!

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Testing the different ways we can test!!  Gotta love #Marketing !
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