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Amythyst Raine
Author/Tarot Reader/Crazy-Cat-Lady/Conjure Woman
Author/Tarot Reader/Crazy-Cat-Lady/Conjure Woman
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"So many people throughout my life have told me who I am, what I must do, what I can't do, what I have to complete, and what I will never be able to accomplish...and then I met the Goddess."
Amythyst Raine ... This book can be found @ MOON BOOKS ~ ; AMAZON ~ ; BARNES & NOBLE ~ ; or any fine bookstore near you.

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A new post @ Magickal Connections!

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I'm very excited! A new page just went up at The Witch's Corner ~ Magickal Curios 

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UPDATED ~ Free reading, Pick-a-Card! It's in video format with time stamps for the three cards. Enjoy!

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Something new!..."Magick of the Four Winds", follow the link.

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AUDIO READINGS with Amythyst Raine ~
Available Spreads to Choose From:
1. 6 Card Spread
2. Directions & Trends
3. Gypsy's Magick Spell
4. The Pentagram
5. Desires & Fears
6. The Path of Desires
7. Partnership & Relationships

Hello, World! This short video is a sample of an audio reading done at my website, The Tarot Parlour. Audio Readings purchased by you will not come in this video format; this was done to bring the audio file to my website-- but enjoy this one, as all but 2 or 3 of the images you'll see here are my own personal photos, plus a short little home movie clip.

Your audio reading will be emailed to you directly from my phone, along with a photo of the tarot cards that come up in your tarot spread. It will give you a "visual" of your reading, which can be very impacting.

Enjoy ~ and make a tarot connection today!!

The Witch's Corner:
Magickal Connections:

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What does a witch do on her day off??? Whatever it is, she's doing it in double-time to the tune of "Pink Lemonade" go girl.

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Hello, World!...February is right around the corner, and it's all about LUV!

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I won't go into all the details here...because video taping my explanation is a lot less work than typing it all out! But there will be changes in HOW I tape the zodiac tarot readings, WHEN I tape the zodiac tarot readings, etc. The "IN-DEPTH" readings that you've been seeing since Dec 2016 for the zodiac signs are chosen randomly; there is no particular order in which I'll choose a sign to read, but I will work my way in a somewhat organized fashion through all 12 signs so that everyone gets a reading...Then I'll start the process all over again!

Another topic touched on ~ Is a video reading only relevant in the month in which it was taped?...I love this one, and I think you'll like my response. See if you agree with me.

This video was taped in my Wytchy Room/Tarot Parlour...Enjoy!
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