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E Fischer
Dutch-born Canadian, author, physical therapist since 1990, father and caregiver to severely disabled son
Dutch-born Canadian, author, physical therapist since 1990, father and caregiver to severely disabled son
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Collected works of poetry 2017
I'd like to announce the publication of the latest edition of the Collected works of poetry. It has been completely revised: loads of new material and many, many poems have been revisited for the first time since their original publication. PLEASE SHARE TO ...

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Because the air is heavy of late, I hold on to what is essential and real. "You are beyond sweet, and have accomplished more than I could have hoped for. You have fought to get to where you are, with a fortitude that is beyond understanding. There are no wo...

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STILL HERE, STILL HERE From long ago, a serenity long lost. I felt, as I woke Segev's brother and sister, that I was teetering on the brink of a precipice.  I thought that I had come close enough to my son's death enough times, to stand firmly on my own two...

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So many miles we have crossed.
I am an old man now. Not in my mind, of
course. But all the same, for eighteen years I have been fighting one
crisis after another, each day. One more time to prove that life is
here to stay for as long as the moment will carry. I breathe and so
must he. Th...

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What does it
mean to be an extreme caregiver to your child? Well in my case it has meant
gaining 35 pounds, becoming too exhausted and injured to maintain a lifetime
regimen of exercising and that I started smoking. Smokers, of course get no
sympathy. I gre...

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Thoughts, after fifty years on this earth.
Forty four years ago I decided I would become a writer,
because I wanted somehow to bring about resolution to conflicts that I
witnessed people experiencing in their lives. That was my second choice,
actually, my first was to become God, but I quickly reali...

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The aging caregiver
There was a short conversation with the palliative physician
who joined the team about six months ago. Going forward, after the catastrophe of
attempting to control my son’s pain with a variety of opiates, putting him at
death’s door yet again, he said he w...
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