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Update: If some who are viewing this image (that is getting an unexpected boost in exposure) don't have time to check out the information that accompanies some of my earlier images, I wanted to answer some questions. This is the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska. Caves under the glacier come and go over years, and they're constantly changing as the ice melts.

The view "upstream" inside the cave is always mesmerizing. While changes in the shape of the stream and a different perspective provide a different foreground to this photograph than any in my previous work, I don't know if it's dissimilar enough in the whole.

I tried a few compositions today that I think will be worth sharing, and it was wonderful just to get back into the cave under spring/summer conditions.
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Wow! Has the feel of a dreamscape!
Definitely my favorite so far. Stunning.
This is beautifully surreal.
Wow, this is incredible. Love every aspect of this image.
Outstanding and original. This is really great.
Thanks so much for all the comments, pluses, and shares everyone! If you want some more back-story on the photo...stay tuned.
IT's beauty his beyond me!!!! It brings a since of peace in my realm & ora. Krs 
It's very pretty..
WOW such a great vision tome love it
Unimaginable...has to be natural!
Прекрасно!!! Дух захватывает!
Hollywood, eat your heart out! ;-)
That's way to cool. That's amazing
is there i place like this in th world
naw baby gurl u going to have get ur own copy
that would make a very nice picture on a wall
+DOUBLEGDJ Elvis - This image (or one like it) will be available for purchase on my website sometime soon.
+Ingrid Dreyer - I'm sure you had a great time. I always love it when I get to take helicopter flights. They don't happen nearly as often as I wish they would.
wow...its amazing... feels like i m in heaven....:)
more than cool, it's wonderful, I want to see it with my own eyes
My little Kirill looked at it for about 30sec think he likes it too. 
thanks for the sharing of your photos . You are generous enough to let us view those wonderful amazing art of nature ... really thanks so much. great one.
+dhea frakansyah - The post is updated to include the location. It's a cave underneath the west edge of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska.
same, i would like to see it in real.. T_T
+Kent Mearig thank you very much , it's so wonderfull, sometime i want to visit this place if i can :D
+ammu vasudevan - Anyone who wants to visit Juneau for a day can see this cave (with a little work), it is visited by thousands of tourists each summer and is accessible by paths that cause very little disruption to the native plants and animals.
feel like going over there once in my lifetime that is awesome
I would definitely work very hard to get there someday and experience this amazing wonder with my own eyes. :) Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. I'm start brushing up on my photography skills as well. :P
Its really wonderful...almost looks animated rather than being the real thing,,,didn't you get cold? lol
Sets me at peace just looking at it
+Barbara Teasley - I did put gloves on after a while on this visit. In the dead of winter, it's actually much warmer deep in this cave than it is outside, but this image was made today.
it is beautiful. this place can be a good source of positive energy!
you think you little fuckers r funny. I know who all you fucks r.....
wow thats the special one , so amaging place under caves
yes its so beautiful i love it
Wow! I've never seen anything like that. I can't imagine seeing that in person. Very cool.
It is some of Yahweh's best work
its awesome....
i mean amazing..!!!
Is this for real?
These are amazing shots. It looks like another planet. 
wow bohut khoubsourt hai
so my kind of thing to watch everyday
an ultimate envirment under water makes us peacefull...
wow thats soo nice and pleasant! its kinda rare to see something like tht
Beautiful! And extremely disappointed I didn't see this earlier, we recently got back from a trip to Alaska (from Australia). Would have loved to of seen this in person!
really so........................nice
mel .h
sooooo beautiful
Heavy Metal setting, out of this world. What a nice pic!
its ameging so very cute nice place
Stunning - interesting and surreal...
Ah, this picture is gorgeous! I wouldn't mind spending my last days on.Earth here cuz it's serene and the tranquility alone makes me want to run.(ok hobble) there and never come back! ;)
Another part of the Universe - literally. Thankyou for this.
I love water caves, it must be cold there
Mira G
wwwoooow that image is really exquisite!
It's are so lucky could have that moment
nice scenery but u have to say its real or not a dream. Thanks Kent. So cool that you do this!
That... i can't even think of what to say! (!_!)-WOW!!!!!
seriously cool shot! (no pun intended)
Welcome to world of glaciologist!
Absolutely dreamy. Hopefully I'm lucky enough to visit a place like that in the near future before it retreats! Pesky global warming.
It's great! Amazing it.
Indah banget pemandanganya..
ที่ไหนคร้า Wonderful สุดๆ
Beautiful...thanks for sharing
nice and cool at the sametime
If this was a theme, it would work as an aura in lighting houses ...
Really beautiful
Amazing. Looks so unreal.
if its natural its such a nice.
WOW! It's like a different world, and so beautiful!
Truly breathtaking and awe inspiring. Nature is that way.
Really a beauty !!! It is a cave but it feels like beeing watching the sea from underneath it. Spectacular !
That is so amazing and most likely the 8th wonder or the world
it looks peaceful and beautiful
i dont no what is this but its so butifull
thats so pretty i wish i was there
supposed i have to live there..i'd rather's suffocating view
+heather schoeman - The sound of running water in the cave is very loud this time of year. I was commenting to a friend on the hike back to my car yesterday that it is not nearly as peaceful as it comes across in the photo.
thankyou all guy that you give me a chance...
My jaw dropped to the floor...
The picture is magnificent. By that I mean that it is, IMO, technically very nicely done and (more importantly) it does justice to the subject matter. 

Just out of curiosity, is this as dangerous as it appears from the description?
Not dangerous really, +Steve Kalman, but the ceiling is very sharp at the points you can see in the images. I've cut my head a few times. There is almost zero risk that any part of the ice would fall from the ceiling.
One of the most incredible images I've ever seen. Honestly, the very definition of stunning.
All of your pictures are truly works of art :-) Are you a professional photographer or, is it just a hobby? I think you have what it takes a prof photographer.and I'm sure everyone here would agree with me :O Please keep your pics coming and I hope.u don't mind if I share.some of your work on Facebook - this way you can gain more followers.than u have now!! I truly believe you are an extremely talented photographer and your shots should be out there for everyone to are truly blessed :-D 
+Maureen Fairhurst - I wouldn't call photography just a hobby, but I'm actually a professional teacher. You're right that I'm blessed. I'm blessed to live in the place that I do and blessed with a great appreciation for its beauty. I'm glad you like the images shared here on G+.
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