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So much space today! My Arlington Planetarium lecture is now online. Learn about some of my favorite space exploration missions and where they plan to go in the next few years.

Atlantis wheel stop. "One thing's for certain. America's not gonna stop exploring."

Internet: Will I come around on Torchwood like I did with DW? B/c so far it's crushing any enjoyment I used to get out of Captain Jack. Like, will Ianto pilgrimage to the place where he's storing his testicles? He's far too pretty to be sobbing into his teacup every episode.

Thanks to everyone who came out to my Arlington Planetarium lecture last night! If you missed it, the video should be online next week.

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I hope you'll come hear me talk about the things we hope to discover through space exploration in the next decade -- geared towards non-scientists, so bring the family! Arlington Planetarium at 4pm this Sunday, just $5 which goes to support continuing science education. Tell your friends!
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