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Happy Easter 
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Personally I'm edging to find out which cpu it will carry.
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I also think the 800 in the leaked specs were from a test mule. LG probably doesn't want to leak too much info this far out from release. I'm putting my money on the 805
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Franke Hernandez

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Way to go HTC with the all new One M8.
HTC One (M8) mini-review

As most of you probably noticed, I did not write the HTC One (M8) review on that we published yesterday. Our other editor (which you don't hear much from), Tom Dawson wrote it up for us. Since he has had the phone longer, and is more of a photographer than I am, we decided it'd be better for him to write it than me. That and I write just about every other review on the site :). So while Tom's been working on his review I've been breaking down all the features of the HTC One (M8) including the camera, Blinkfeed, etc., because AH is more than just a news site, but more of a reference desk as well. So you may see some very noobish articles coming out this week like "How to Take a Screenshot on the HTC One (M8)". 

Anyways, onto the review. I've been using the T-Mobile variant of the HTC One (M8) for about 2 weeks now. I've actually been using it alongside my LG G2 (also on T-Mobile), and there are a few differences between the two. Which I did do a YouTube video on. The first thing I must point out is the speed on the HTC One (M8). And no I'm not talking about the speed of the Snapdragon 801, but the data speed. This weekend while out and about, I did some speed tests and nearly hit 70mbps on the HTC One (M8). Needless to say the LG G2 only scored about half of that in the same spot at the same time. So good job HTC on that front. 

Next up is the build. HTC has been known for their build quality and the HTC One (M8) is no exception. It's one of the things I love about HTC. The aluminum is a nice feel on the HTC One, the only complaint I'd have here is the fact it's pretty tall. But then again there is good reason for that. Boomsound. It's back - and dare I say - better than ever. One of the most talked about and marketed features of the HTC One (M7) is back in the (M8). Without Beats Audio, it seems to be even better. Which says something about Beats Audio, at least in my opinion. 

Then there's the software. Many of you may not know this, but I've always been a fan of Sense. Even back in the EVO 4G days of 2010, when Sense was over bloated. On the M8, Sense is so fast and fluid. It's really great, and I'd have to say it's once again my favorite Android skin, right up there with Sony's skin. It might be a placebo effect, but I think that the HTC One (M8) performs faster than the LG G2. Probably a mixture of software optimizations and the slightly more powerful processor. 

Battery. Well it's better than the M7 was. But for someone that's been using the G2 for the last few months as their daily driver, it's not very impressive. I was able to get through a full day, but the G2 still lasts longer. So I'm not totally ripping apart the battery on the One, but I think that LG is still top dog in that category. 

Finally the camera. When HTC first announced the M8, I wasn't too excited about the 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera. But after playing with it for some time, I have different thoughts. Basically the short is that the camera is great, especially for uploading to the internet like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But as far as printing out pictures and such, not so much. That's where you'll want something like the Galaxy S5 or LG G2, with their 16MP and 13MP camera's respectively. Having said that, I LOVE the camera app and gallery app. It's so easy to use, and the effects that can be added to pictures are simply amazing as well. 

So there you have it, my thoughts on the HTC One (M8). I might be an HTC fanboy, but I do know how to be unbiased with reviews. Heck I've been recommending the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 for months, and I don't really like Samsung. What do all of you think about the HTC One (M8)? 
Kool trick and Easter egg

-Triple tap Android Version for K
-Tap or slide motion to spin K
-Tap and hold K for Red Android
-Tap and hold Red Android Version for Easter egg of OS version
-Tap anywhere to shuffle OS version icons

Have fun😎☕
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the last section was new to me - tap and hold red android version .... thanks for sharing ;  no need to assume all know everything :) 
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APRIL is Knock Code month

Attention owners of #LGG2 and #GFlex. LG’s newest UX feature Knock Code™ is now available on your smartphone! Find out more at — with Kaaru Kenesu Daguitera Cainglet and Nelzzon Argn.
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Unless of course your on T Mobile. Not root for us as of yet. 
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Attention Verizon G2 users, KitKat for the VS980 variant leaked.
Latest XDA News! KitKat Leak (VS98024A) Appears for the Verizon LG G2!
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Yes +James Carrera the VS980

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G2 can still hold its own after 8 months. It's an awesome device!
Just because it's been with us for a while doesn't mean the LG G2 isn't one of the very best Android smartphones you can buy Eight months on from the launch of the LG G2, many other flagship class phones have come our way from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and even LG itself with the Google...
Just because it's been with us for a while doesn't mean the LG G2 isn't one of the very best Android smartphones you can buy Eight months on from the launch of the LG G2, many other flagship class phones have come our way from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and even LG itself with the Google branded Nexus 5. Talk is beginning to turn towards its replacement, the G3, already, but that...
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The G3 is going to be a monster +James Carrera and it will blow away all the other 2014 devices.
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And the winner is......

Slightly under a year old the G2 packs a punch. Way to go LG you've come a long way.
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I'm just glad Android users have at least 7 phones that match if not beat the iphone. So much choice, it great for us. Just let iPhone users know what's out there.
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Current screen display featuring

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Doug N
I feel my battery life has decreased since kk update, but I'm only 2 days in... 
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Mulgrew says she was misled on the nature of the film, and would not have done it otherwise. She was merely a "voice for hire." 
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