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Hamptons Marketing and Web Design
Hamptons Marketing and Web Design

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We are just launching a new community here on Google+, Social Media Marketing for Business Owners. Please join us as we get started. We will be planning and offering free workshops to business owners. 

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Very excited to be posting a Press Release on behalf of Marcus Lovett and Joined Hands, they are hosting a FREE concert on May 7th, 2016 at the Castle in Chalkis, Greece. Please go... it's in honor of the Greek Humanitarian Spirit. and it's FREE.

Share with anyone you know who may be there at this time.

+Marcus Lovett 

Gorgeous Saturday in the #hamptons. 

Welcome to Social Media Marketing for Business Owners. What better way to start something amazing, but through Google+ Communities! #socialmediamarketing   #googlepluscommunities  

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Thank you for the invitation… I own and manage my own company, Studio16 Interactive, in the Hamptons, New York. We work with small to medium businesses on building a strong web presence, website redesign and marketing. Looking forward to learning more about all of you. 

Thanks for the invitation! 

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This is my good friend Eileen Benthal.. She is a true inspiration. 

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