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Not sure if this has already been reported, but two short notes on 2.0_beta_1:
* When entering a time in 'timed release' or 'timelapse', the system back button should not close the app but the numpad
* After this happens, when reopening the app from the  task switcher, you should be presented with the previously opened screen instead of the 'getting started' screen.

Other than that, nicely designed app. Can't wait to see all features implemented ;)

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i.e. providing super cheap cell phone coverage at Burning Man ;)
I wonder if a flood of small GSM network applications were submitted to the FCC, they'd make it less restrictive for these types of networks.

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I was all like "sure I'll check out 5 minutes of this before going to bed." an hour later... #firefly #browncoats

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A Space Shuttle on the Streets of Los Angeles
Credit & Copyright: Bryan Chan, +Los Angeles Times; Music: Keeper of the Wind (Eleni Hassabis, Firstcom)

Was that the space shuttle that just went by? Garnering attention that could make even a movie star blush, thousands of people watched in awe as a quintessential icon of the space age was towed through the streets of Los Angeles. After landing at LAX airport late last month, the shuttle Endeavour was carefully loaded onto rolling trailers and maneuvered down roads and across bridges to the California Science Center, 20 kilometers away. To many, there was a majesty to the voyage that was beyond description, inspiring people to line the LA streets and wait at windows and balconies to witness and photograph this once-in-a-lifetime event. Narrowly avoiding some buildings and trees, the retired shuttle made it safely to its new home and will soon be ready for permanent display. Although the journey took place over three days, it has been shortened in the above artistic time-lapse video to about three minutes.
2012 October 22

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I just stumbled over an old xkcd comic, which caused my great amusement many times in the past...
Thank you, sysadmins worldwide!

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Am Dienstag, 18.10.2011 gibt es eine Vollversammlung im Audi Max (Getreidemarkt 9) an der TU Wien und anschließend eine Demo zum Minoritenplatz, wo eine Kundgebung stattfindet. Grund ist die aktuelle finanzielle Lage der Hochschulen und die Folgen, die sich bereits jetzt zeigen.
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