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Rob McClelland
Our purpose is to simplify and enhance the financial lives of our clients.
Our purpose is to simplify and enhance the financial lives of our clients.

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#Vaughan #Thornhill #Markham #Aurora #Richmondhill @TMFGThornhill
It's happening again! $1,500 McClelland Scholarship...

The McClelland Financial Group of Assante Capital Management Ltd. understands the impact that well-educated youth will have on the quality of our communities and the long-term sustainability and global competitiveness of the Canadian economy.

As a reflection of our commitment to education, and as part of our advocacy in the arena of equal access to higher learning, we are proud to offer The McClelland Financial Group Scholarship, valued at $1,500.

This will be offered to students entering their first, second, third or fourth year of post-secondary education. The McClelland Scholarship recipient will have demonstrated a dedication to academic excellence, self improvement, and community involvement with a passion to lead and inspire positive change. This scholarship will be offered to our clients' children, grandchildren, family members or close family friends

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Video: What you need to know about the federal budget and your investments

There has been a lot of talk about new ways the Liberal government could choose to generate revenue. It could be speculation, or it could be a trial balloon from the government itself to see how a new measure might go down. #Vaughan #Markham #Thornhill #RichmondHill

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Financial Lessons from the "Passed"

One of the great things about being a financial advisor for 25 years is that you get to meet some amazing individuals. Unfortunately some of them pass away too soon. They may have been my clients, but it is often I who become the student, learning from their exemplary actions as well as a few cautionary tales. Though the individuals may be gone, their lessons live on. Here are some of the most important ones I've learned over the years.

#Vaughan #thornhill #woodbridge #markham #aurora #Toronto #financialplanning

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What makes our clients great investors? Listen in and find out.
#vaughan #markham #thornhill #richmondhill #aurora #toronto

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The Big Mistake. | Complimentary Workshop | Mar. 31st

Join me and learn:

*CRA auditing risks when preparing your own taxes
*Family breakdowns due to poorly constructed wills
*How automation can be a detriment to your future
*Stories of successful and unsuccessful investors

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Assante is proud to be the exclusive presenting sponsor of Canada’s Top Rated Golf Courses in 2017. Watch us on TSN!

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Given Donald Trump’s recent behaviour, I’ve concluded the U.S. market has probably run up as far as it’s likely to go, and I’ve been selling off some of my U.S. stocks that are overbought to prepare for a buying opportunity I see coming. I don’t want to sell everything, because my remaining stocks are paying decent dividends. I’m holding all of my Canadian stocks for now, because I believe the Canadian market still has room to grow. And essentially, I’m a “buy and hold forever” type of investor. But that leaves me concerned about some possible market disaster over the next year or so. My question is: What methods do you recommend for hedging a portfolio?

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The need for these points to be made can be seen in a survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs Canada for the federal Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. The survey was designed to measure how aware people are of their financial rights and responsibilities. Participants were presented with six statements and then asked to say whether they were true or false. On average, people answered 2.9 questions correctly and only 3 per cent scored a perfect mark.
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