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Prepare to see MORE of Maggie Greene in Season Three.

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As long as she kills Carl I'm on board.
I'd be happy if she killed Glenn.
Not gonna lie, she's also easy on the eyes.
Good - glad they're being true to the books. Plus, I like the Maggie character. She has some crazy twists coming up for her!
One thing that kind of pisses me off is we know now that every one is infected....ok that's fine but if every one is infected how come a small bite wound that some one can live from kills them? If that's true then you could get a paper cut and turn ?
im glad because she is sooooooo hot ;) lol
How could she not be a regular? Read the comics.
+Greg Horton that is true. Hopefully they will find a way of explaining that in the next season.
+Greg Horton I made the following assumptions:
1. The virus is dormant in the body (sort of like HIV), possibly suppressed by the immune system.
2. Upon death the immune system is obviously no longer functional, so the virus is free to strengthen and do its business.
3. The virus can also become active when exposed to an active infection from a bite or cut.
My theory:
• Everyone is a carrier of the dormant infection.
• Once you died, the contagion activates.
• If the living are bitten, they are infected with the active strain.
• The active strain causes a fever that kills them.
• → Rinse and repeat.
Most excellent. Got a bit of a thang for Maggie.
To those that have the concern of paper cuts ... it actually has nothing to do with active or dorment strains! Its the infection that comes from the bite that causes fever and then kills you! Ask George Romero he can explain it better! But the idea actually exists that for a zombie apocalypse there would be many strains of multiple viruses that would each have their own purpose within the creation of a zombie! There is a lot of speculation out there by scientists on how this would be possible! Google " viruses that could create zombies " for more info! :-)
Dave S
+Greg Horton , the bite kills, no matter how small or where the person is bitten.
That's what I said! The bite causes an infection from a different virus that kills you! But something as simple as a papercut won't kill you because the paper doesn't carry any virus that is deadly! This is pretty much a universal theory in the world of zombies! Not just with TWD!
+Preston Osborn While that may be true of most zombie universes, it may not necessarily be true of Kirkman's TWD universe. And he's not saying. Thus the speculation.
+Annam Choudhry The gene theory is an interesting one but there is no evidence to support it. Of course there is nothing to disprove it either.
Its a virus inside you, as was already said "we're all infected " you don't get infected by a gene! And as I was attempting to state the reason a paper cut doesn't kill you is because when you are bit it causes an infection that kills you! Then when you die you turn! Now in the scenario you got like a million paper cuts and it was severe enough to kill you then you would turn! And in kirkmans world it is all the same! The part that should be the concern is how did this happen! As with all zombie universes that is what makes it different from one another! You know you could always step back a few years and read the comics, don't worry there are not a whole lot of spoilers to it, he his mixing it up pretty good!
I have read every single issue of the comics 1-96. Nothing there as to cause. Kirkman said in an interview that he has some ideas as to the cause but that he will not ever release them in comic or TV. He feels the cause is irrelevant.

So we do not have, nor will we have, enough data to conclude whether or not there are multiple viruses at work or if it is one virus with a dormant/active state or one virus with a catalyst mutation factor.

+Preston Osborn, I think that your use if blanket generalities and stating conjecture as fact is only confusing the discussion.
In all likelihood, Kirkman's cause (which in a discussion about TWD is the only one that matters) is probably viral. Although he has shown himself to be very clever and may have a unique twist on it. Like it could be a new viral mutation (probably staph-based) that unlocks a universally regressive gene which cause postmortem reanimation. Or some other perfect storm scenario.

But there are other zombie outbreak causes that have been used in the genre, so statements like "This is pretty much a universal theory in the world of zombies!" are logically flawed as there is no such universal theory.

Non-viral Zombie Outbreak Causes:
• meteor shower / comet tail
• chemical agent
• necrotech
• nanotech
• cemetery overcrowding
• The Hell Theory
• The Nackles Hypothesis
• magic / voodoo / curse
• artificial reanimation
I love her! She's hott!
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