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Jon Bernthal provided some incredible insights into the show during his interview on Geek Time (Howard 101 on SiriusXM), which helped explain much of what happened during the final scene of last week's shocker. He said that it was time for Shane to die since since he was no longer proud of what he had become. Lori's apology set the final process in motion and getting Rick to it was critical so that he could he could forever be in his head and live on through Rick. Pretty interesting stuff for sure. Oh, and he also told a great story about how he proposed an alternative ending that was turned down by the writers. It was a awesome, no-holds-barred interview. 
Looking forward to it. And I recently read that they will introduce a new character "The Governor" next season
Season finale = Zombies: The only things that can actually make Carl stay in the house.
Cant wait for the season finale! Last episode had me off my seat shouting haha
I'm so glad Shane is finally gone. he was bringing a whole new kind of crazy to the house.
I think what's her name will take over there, that or Rick's looney wife. That is, if she doesn't get killed.
sage s
The villain it's going to be the governor.
The Governor is gonna bring things to a new crazy level in season 3!
sage s
No sh#!t Sherlock, I was saying that to teresa.
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