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These guy know what ADVENTURE is....
Not much in the way of roads these guys want to travel in a Jeep like mine around here....but sure is a nice bit of video to sit on the sidelines and watch !

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Nice to see what kind of cars he had in his collection - he had quite the eclectic taste - now...someone has spirited away most of them.

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Check out this video on YouTube:

If were ever to start an apprenticeship - this is the environment I'd want to be in !
Never been scared of taking lumber and turning it into furniture or cabinets or banging and beating on my old antique 1948Jeep...
This guy's eye takes a flat sheet of sheet metal and turns out into a piece of rolling sculpture !

Howdy there James :-)
glad to see you are getting out here in the Digital world....
Congrats on your mini-me :-)

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The Russians peform ballet in the sky......

.......with a plane??


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My friend Fred Delpero who owns Ital Motors here in Edmonton asked me if I wanted to hear the nice sounds coming out of his little black Italian "runabout" he uses for commuting .....
He has a couple black cars....
I asked which one? As he threw me keys...I was waiting for his answer.....

When I saw the Prancing Horse on the big smile told him :-)

BTW ---- you don't need a radio in a Ferrari......the engine 's exhaust note -
Is pure song!!

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Ahhhh.....Canada Day is here...
What better way for thousands of folks to gather in  downtown Edmonton but to soak away the heat in the City Hall reflecting pool and and a well attended beer garden helped citizens enjoy celebrations - Flags everywhere !
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Really difficult listening to the news this evening...Government estimates 3-5 Billion dollars damage from this last weeks massive flooding.
The premier thinks it will take the next 10 years to somehow get past all of this....
Biggest challenge for folks will be how they will find the dollars to rebuild their lives and homes. Almost no one has flood insurance. Coordination of all levels of government to perhaps assist the thousands of homeowners will be key.

What wasn't difficult to listen to - was hearing and seeing displays of volunteers and their response to a call for volunteers. 2000+ showed up and were bused around to the 12 different neighborhoods to assist in any way they could. Calgarians began the massive clean up- and the drone of pumps were emptying basements and businesses filled the air.

With so many cars submerged - a spike in the numbers of written off vehicle is going to happen...just like after Katrina and the recent storms that hit New Jersey and New York. The public has to be very vigilant .

Levels are dropping, but remain very high.
Everyone was worried that the Calgary Stampede might be cancelled as the grounds were completely inundated. Word tonight that the 101 year record of the Stampede will continue the stand. The two Worlds Wars didn't stop it.... Why would a bit of water? :-)

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