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Linda Hartley
Writing, blogging and running online courses
Writing, blogging and running online courses

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Hard not to be hurt when your work is being re-created and people are charging money for stuff you freely gave.

Ooh Mini Doctor Who episode on red button pre-xmas!!     

Doctor Who
Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra has a mystery to solve

The Doctor returns to BBC One on Christmas Day - and Red Button viewers can get ready for this year's festive adventure by watching a mini-episode.

Madame Vastra, accompanied by her loyal companions Jenny and Strax, is called upon to investigate a Victorian murder mystery. But where is the Doctor?

Available on Freesat/Sky/Virgin Media/Freeview:

Thur 20 Dec, 7.30pm-8.55pm, 10.30pm-6am
Fri 21 Dec, 9pm-6am
Sat 22 Dec, 6pm-6.30pm, 7.55pm-8.50pm, 10.05pm-1.25am

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What would you still do if money didn't matter?

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I'm not sure I agree, just because other things are hard that does not make writing easy!

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I get vocal about why, although I love Matilda, I can't stand Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Thinking of running a sweep on what is going to happen to the Ponds?
 Moffat says:“There will be tragedy. It’s a heartbreaking farewell to Amy and Rory.”
So what do you think?
a. Amy dies to save Rory?
b. Rory dies to save Amy?
c. They both choose to die together?
d.They decide to rewind time/never meet the doctor?
e. Rory gets sent to another time by the angels and Amy bravely follows & lives her life there to be with him? #DrWho

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Lego street repairs! Love it!

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