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Remembrance - I pause and pay tribute to all who have acted in service to others. #DailyWord

Children’s Blessing - You are God’s beloved—healthy, safe, and secure. #DailyWord’s-blessing-thursday-may-25-2017

Confidence - With confidence, I make choices that enrich my life. #DailyWord

World Peace - I hold a vision of peace and harmony for the world. #DailyWord

Nurture - I am renewed and nurtured by my earth home. #DailyWord

Evolve - I am ever evolving into a greater expression of my divine self. #DailyWord

Life - I am renewed by the radiant life of God. #DailyWord

Kingdom - I hold the keys to my own prosperity. #DailyWord

Comfort - I am the Christ Light in expression; nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul. #DailyWord
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