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Want to contribute to Python OSS projects? New to Python? Looking for a refresher on the basics of Python?

PyLadies has teamed up with SheNomads to bring you an online introduction to Python class! This is a part of the #100DaysOfCommits project.

For the purpose of this chat we'll be using Python 3. If you don't have Python 3 installed, no worries you can follow along with one of a few tools including: Cloud9 (,, CodePen (

Code available at:

Topics for review include:

- Basic Python 3 data structures and control flow
- Python functions
- How to use Python modules
- Retrieving data from Twitter API with Python
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Hangouts on Air Question

Is there a way to add more than one organizer to the hangout? That is two+ Google users to actively participate in the webinar and answer questions? It is a little unclear how that may work.

Per the "How many people can join" - it sounds like there can be 10 Google users. Does this mean they have access to organizer tools?

Then the "How many people will be able to watch the broadcast?" says infinite once you start broadcasting. Can all these viewers ask questions?

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Recursion - what is it? (A way to break down a problem into smaller pieces which you either already know the answer to!)

In this class we'll solve two to three problems starting first with our tried and true guess and check logic. Once we know how to break the problem down and solve it with exhaustive enumeration, we'll retool our approach to apply recursion to our code.

The class will make use of psuedocode and culminate with a small overview of why you may want to use recursion.
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