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Mark Chance
Smarter than your average bear!
Smarter than your average bear!

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Ground floor and upstairs of the bootleggers' home, the main setting for this month's Dangerous Place.
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Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Yet Another Alternative Combat Sequence

White Box: Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game presents two combat sequences. Since playing a round of Stephen Radney-MacFarland's Delve Roleplaying Game, I've become fond of the idea another alternative combat sequence, which would work like this:

1. Every round, the players' characters lose initiative.

2. Every players' character gets three actions per round.

3. Before the action begins in a round, a player can decide his character wins initiative. This counts as an action.

4. A character can make a combat move (one-third of his Movement Rate). This counts as an action. A character may ready a weapon or item. This counts as an action. A character may use a magic item, such as a potion or scroll. This counts as an action. A character may make an attack. This counts as an action. A character may prepare to cast a spell. This counts as an action. A character may cast a prepared spell. This counts as an action. Et cetera.

For simplicity's sake, monsters do not use this action economy. Monsters do what they do when they're initiative turn comes around. For Referees who don't like the idea of combatants running around in battle without consequence, permit a free attack against targets who move away from melee combat and/or count retreat as a half-speed but safe combat move.

If I could ever get my Sunday game running again, I'd love to give this a try. I think it might give just enough tactical-ness without bogging the game down to d20 System levels of tedium.

Nota Bene: The Delve Roleplaying Game imposed a -2 cumulative penalty on successive attacks, IIRC. So, could a character attack more than once per round? Sure, but not without penalty if that seems prudent.

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Major goal this spring break: Finish The Four Color Hack. Today, I'm working on villains again.

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Our next Mystery for our Night Bumps campaign is The Mystery of Xin's Disappearance. Xin one of the Hunters, a Summoned, who is hunted by a black ops government agency and who vanished last session in a puff of fire and brimstone, doing so just as the Hunters were attacked by vampires believed to be working for the Morto Nostro, the undead Mafia.

At the same time the Hunters must contend with the Morto Nostro and Xin's disappearance, three prostitutes were found murdered along the waterfront during the last full moon. Each woman was mutilated, and sources in the coroner's office say that certain organs were missing from each body. On the wall near the body of Suzie Toomey, the third victim, someone, presumably the killer, wrote in the victim's blood a warning that he would claim more lives during the next full moon. The other two victims were Lucinda Thomson and Sara-Jane Valentine. Each woman was mutilated, and sources in the coroner's office say that certain organs were missing from each body.

As the threats grow more deadly, can the Hunters survive?

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The skaven are masters of vermin.

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Zombie Monk
Frequency: Very rare
No. Appearing: 1-12
Armor Class: 9
Move: 15"
Hit Dice: 2
% in Lair: Nil
Treasure Type: Nil
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 1-4, or by weapon (+1 damage)
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: See below
Magic Resistance: See below
Intelligence: Non-
Alignment: Neutral
Size: M
Psionic Ability: Nil
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

Zombie monks are magically animated corpses with martial arts abilities. They are most often encountered under the control of an evil magic-user or cleric. These creatures follow commands -- as spoken on the spot or as given previously -- of limited length and complication (a dozen words or so).

Zombie monks move with speed and agility. Zombie monks are only 32% likely to be surprised. Any non-magical missile (arrow, bolt, bullet, thrown dagger, et cetera) which would normally hit a zombie monk can be dodged or knocked aside if the zombie monk is able to make a saving throw against petrification for each potential hit. In other respects, if a zombie monk makes a saving throw against an attack form, it sustains no damage from the attack, even if the attack form was a fireball, for instance. Zombie monks move silently, hide in shadows, hear noise, and climb walls as 2nd-level thieves.

Sleep, charm, hold, and cold-based spells do not affect zombie monks. Holy water vials score 2-8 hit points of damage for each one which strikes.
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