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JustMichelle aka RadiantBrownBeauty commented on a post on Blogger.
wow...i would have been at my wits end in a place where all the streets were similar ha! I've never been to the UK.

I think its great that you were able to see the positive in it all. I too want to move to a new place. I have to in fact. My place isn't handicap accessible so when my husband is out, I'm stuck in the house with my son *sigh. But I know that in due time God will make a way. Thank you for the reminder.

and thank you for stopping by my blog Fine Natural Hair and Faith :-)

I have 2 G+ pages The other is Fine Natural Hair and Faith

I used to be able to switch between the 2 since I used the same email for both and now I can't even access the other one!

My G-+ is defaulting to this ild JustMichelle aka RadiantBrownBeauty
I tried deleting this page and then logging in again and Fine Natural Hair and Faith still won't come up. Yet I search for it and it's definitely there. 
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